"A heavy and very powerful triple barreled fully automatic combat-shotgun."
―Description of the Schockhammer.[src]
The Schockhammer (lit. "Shock Hammer") is a shotgun which appears in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, serving as the successor to the original Schockhammer of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and the Automatic Shotgun from Wolfenstein: The New Order.


A powerful close-range assault weapon, the Schockhammer is equipped with three rotating barrels, in contrast to the double-barrelled arrangement of its predecessors. A standard soldier can die to a single shot from a Schockhammer at close range; dual wielding the weapon with the Rotor upgrade can kill a Super soldier in one or two volleys.

Like all weapons in The New Colossus, minus the heavy weapons, the Schockhammer is extensively modifiable. The Rotor upgrade allows for all three barrels to be loaded successively and then fired simultaneously, increasing damage at the cost of rate of fire; the Ricochet upgrade causes the shots to bounce off of walls, similar to the shrapnel shells from The New Order; the Extended Magazine upgrade doubles the magazine size of the Schockhammer from 20 to 40 rounds, making the already devastating dual wielding even more deadly.

History and LocationsEdit

B.J. Blazkowicz collects the weapon in Area 52 after entering the rocket train, collecting two in an arsenal. Heavy soldiers wield these weapons, being more up close and having more armour than a regular soldier, but none appear to have any upgrades like the previous ones in The New Order.


  • Wielding a Schockhammer in one hand and another weapon (e.g. Sturmgewehr) is a great way to deal with crowds, as the blast radius is far greater and can cause enemies to stagger.
  • Fully upgrading the Schockhammer makes it useful against ÜberSoldaten, as one shot can bring them down.
  • Starting out, the player has low ammunition for the Schockhammer, this can be dangerous for the player if they decide to go loud. That being said, there are heavy soldiers from whom ammunition can be scavenged immediately after collecting the shotgun.