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The Schockhammer X (The New Colossus; lit. "Shock Hammer") is an improved version of the Automatic Shotgun from Wolfenstein: The New Order in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It utilizes three barrels similar to a rotary cannon or a gatling gun.


A powerful up and close weapon that blow your enemies away on impact. Unlike the previous two models, the Schockhammer X is equipped with three rotating barrels that increase the fire rate of the weapon. Like all weapons in The New Colossus, minus the heavy weapons, the Schockhammer X is extensively modifiable.

The Rotor upgrade allows for all three barrels to be loaded at once, using up three rounds per shot and decreasing the fire rate, but massively increasing damage.

Similarly to the shrapnel shells from The New Order, the Ricochet upgrade allows for each shot's pellets to bounce off of walls, allowing for more versatile and creative methods of taking down foes.

Finally, the Extended Magazine upgrade doubles the magazine size of the Schockhammer X, making the already devastating dual wielding even more deadly.

A standard soldier can die to a single shot from a Schockhammer X. Dual wielding the weapon, combined with the Rotor upgrade or the Extended Magazine upgrade, can clear entire arenas and quickly take down a Super Soldier.

History and LocationsEdit

B.J. Blazkowicz collects the weapon in Area 52 after starting the train, collecting two in an arsenal. Heavy soldiers wield these weapons, being more up close and having more armor than a natural soldier, but none appear to have any upgrades like the previous ones in The New Order.


  • Rotor: Allows the Schockhammer to fire all three barrels at once, but using up three rounds in the process.
  • Extended Magazine: Doubles the magazine capacity of the shotgun.
  • Ricochet: Shrapnel pieces cause the weapon's projectiles to ricochet when it hits nearby surfaces, damaging any enemies near the weapon when it fires.