The Secret Police Headquarters is a complex in Berlin that served as the headquarters of the Nazi Secret Police.


To facilitate a society that adheres to the principles of the Nazi ideology, the Secret Police of Berlin is an essential part of everyday life in Berlin. Their presence is at once omnipresent and invisible. The citizens of Berlin know that their every move is being watched and, having been indoctrinated for over a decade that it is for their own good, most of them are perfectly fine with this. The Secret Police Headquarters is located just a few blocks from the Volkshalle of Berlin.

The Secret Police Headquarters is located just south of the Volkshalle, containing the offices, command center, and interrogation rooms of the secret police. It shares a rear parking lot with a Hotel, as well as a number of other buildings.

The New OrderEdit

BJ briefly visits the Secret Police Headquarters while looking for a way to get onto the prison transport bound for Eisenwald Prison. He enters through a third floor window, before passing through the Cryptology Section and exiting through Fritz Hausser's office on the fourth floor, following a series of pipes and jumping onto the prison transport.