Sigrun Engel
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Sigrun Engel
Country of Origin Germany
Date of Birth 1944
Age 18
Height 5'3" (1.60 meters)
Weight 204 lbs (92 kg)
Sex Female
Nationality German
  • Member of the American Resistance
  • Member of Nazi Germany (defected, disassociated)
  • Fate Alive
    Portrayer Alyssa Preston
    Appearance(s) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    "Mother {...} I thought you would set them free."
    ―Sigrun to her mother in "The Reunion Gameplay Trailer".

    Sigrun Engel is a character in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. As Irene Engel's daughter, her life has been torture from experiencing from her own mother and what the Nazis do to those who are opposed or are in "inferior" race.

    She eventually joins the BJ and the Resistance in their fight against the Nazis.


    Sigrun is the daughter of Irene Engel and an unnamed father in 1944 in Nazi Germany, two years before the U.S. Army's assault on Deathshead's Compound. Living under her mother's shadow, Sigrun experienced her mother's cruelty and abuse due to physical condition and lack of hatred towards those who opposed the Nazis. This has made Sigrun sensitive, frightened, and disturbed at what her country does to prisoners, presumably making her a pacifist.

    The New ColossusEdit

    Sigrun first appeared with her mother when they had captured William J. Blazkowicz, Caroline Becker, and Fergus Reid or Probst Wyatt. When Engel was about to execute Caroline with an axe, Sigrun stopped her, saying that Engel promised to let the others go free. Irene then insulted her daughter, mocking her weight and frequent consumption of sweets. Wanting her daughter to spill blood, she forced her to take the axe and ordered her to "free Caroline's head from her body" by decapitating her. When Engel goes too far and mentions reading Sigrun's diary, this is seemingly the final straw.

    Sigrun eventually has enough of her mother's abuse and the Nazis' cruelty, resulting in her defection from her mother and the Nazis, and joining the resistance. While B.J. (and later, Bombate) acknowledge her good nature, the others have a hard time accepting her presence.

    Sigrun appears to have engaged in a relationship with Bombate, having sex inside a Resistance submarine base.

    Appearence Edit

    Sigrun is a young German woman with fair skin, light blond hair, and blue eyes. She is heavily overweight and in poor physical condition, something her mother scolds her for. She wears a blue skirt and a white collar shirt and tie, covered by a black leather jacket.


    Sigrun represents a character foil/antithesis for both her mother, the Nazi party, and people who are cruel, hateful, and hold extreme prejudice towards the Kreisau Circle and American Resistance. Sigrun appears to be fair, wanting to let the rest of her mother's captives go once Blazkowicz turned himself in.

    She lives in fear of her mother, who is abusive and vicious towards her due to Sigrun being naïve, innocent, and overweight. In addition, Sigrun appears to be sensitive, disliking that her mother read her diary and insulted her weight and was easily brought to tears when Grace accused her of being a spy.

    Being only seventeen at the time, she shows herself to be kind and rather compassionate, disliking violence and killing innocent people, much to her mother's chagrin.

    Due to her lack of prejudice and racism toward people with different races, she willing to engage in relationship sexually with Bombate much to the amusement of BJ and Anya as well as Grace's annoyance.

    Trivia Edit

    • Sigrun is the daughter of Irene Engel.
    • It is most likely that Bubi, her's mother lover from the previous game, is not her father. The reason being is due to Bubi being born in 1933 and Sigrun in 1944, making Bubi around 11 at the time. Also he did not meet her mother until he was nineteen.
    • Sigrun is the second former Nazi character to join BJ and the Resistance, the first being Klaus Kreutz.
      • Both defected from the Nazis and joined the Resistance because of the party's cruelty and oppression of people around the world.
      • However, Sigrun's reasons for defecting are much more pure than Klaus, as he mainly left the Nazis because of a personal vendetta for murdering his wife and deformed child.

    Gallery Edit

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