Simon the Wanderer was a former Benedictine monk who left the order to form his own mysterious sect. With the help of his followers and magical yellow stone, he defeated the Dark Knights and sealed Heinrich I into the earth as the warlord himself could not be slain. With his job done, Simon left the place as it crumbled behind him.


  • The Monk
  • Simon the Wanderer


  • Simon's staff bears a resemblance to the one wielded by Corvus, the main protagonist of Raven Software's Heretic, which id Software published.
  • It is hinted that Simon could be a ancestor to B.J. Blazkowitz. When Heinrich I is brought back to life, he says that he senses "the presence of another", obviously hinting at the main character. This could indicate that B.J. endangers Heinrich in the same way Simon did, and that therefore the two are somehow connected (possibly through the bloodline).

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