Snipers (German: Scharfschützen) are long-ranged enemies found in Wolfenstein.


Snipers are a special type of enemy soldier, present in Isenstadt and in most missions. They have a distinctive forest camouflage uniform and carry a scoped Kar98. Unlike other german Soldiers, they have no officer variant.


  • Snipers are often hidden or placed in high locations which give them better lines of fire, and do very high damage with even a single shot, far more than regular soldiers with Kar98s. If you have trouble finding them, use veil to reveal their location, the scoped Kar98 is the best weapon against them, because they will not be encountered until the later level of Midtown, you can use Mire or Shield to increase the odds to spot them if they are hard to seen. If low on Veil power, Veil vision will help as it make finding the sniper easier.


The first one is found at the Dig Site not long after BJ acquires the Thule Medallion and they are present in most missions. They can be also found in Midtown, where they will attack the player from balconies, most of the time they will attack with other soldiers so use caution.


Snipers carry a Kar98. Although the Kar98 they carry has a scope, the player cannot get a scope for their own Kar98 by picking it up, and the weapon simply counts as Kar98 Ammo. They also have the same random chance of dropping Model 24 Grenades as any other soldier-type enemy.

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  • Snipers cannot be gibbed. They also do not speak.


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