Space trooper

Space Troopers (German: Weltraumsoldaten) are the elite soldiers of the Schutzstaffel military unit that exists only on the Lunar Base in Wolfenstein: The New Order.


Heavily armored elite infantry units carrying the AR Marksman in its plasma rifle configuration. They also have a compliment of Tesla Grenades. Space Troopers are picked from the very best and most experienced of the lower ranking space marines.

Space Troopers wear a heavy version of the Space Marine Armor and are the lunar "equivalent" of Fire Troopers.


Like the Fire Trooper, players need to be extremely careful when taking on them, especially in the highest difficulties. They tend to be lethal at long ranges.

Advantages against you Edit

  • Space troopers have all the advantages of the Fire Trooper.
  • Space troopers are actually just as lethal at ALL RANGES. This makes cover a bigger priority when fighting a space trooper with low health.

Disadvantages against you Edit

  • Space Troopers are still vulnerable to headshots.
  • If headshots are not possible, then use dual AR Markmans and hope for the best! These troopers are THE best of the best, so don't stop shooting until they're dead. If you deplete your weapons, find a charging station ASAP.
  • An MG-60 is another good choice, as it can easily grind away at this enemy type. Just make sure you have a charging station nearby.

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