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Spear: End of Destiny is a sequel to "Spear Resurrection", a mod of the Spear of Destiny engine from 2001.

The mod is known for the numerous enhancements it introduces to the engine, including:

  • In-game messages
  • Switches that open pushwalls or turn on/off turrets.
  • Fire-shooting turrets (similar to the ones in Rise of the Triad)
  • Textured floors and ceilings, plus the ability for the floor and ceiling to change when players teleport to other parts of the map
  • Sky and falling snow in "outdoor" areas


After the events of Spear Resurrection, the Spear of Destiny was thrown into the ocean, presumably never to be seen again. The Nazis, however, have recovered the Spear and taken it to their last stronghold - a large estate somewhere in Spain, complete with a heavily guarded mansion.

B.J. Blazkowicz travels to the Nazi-occupied estate, with the intent of putting an end to their meddling with the holy relic.

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