E1M10 screenshot

Several Guards standing in a hallway.

The Stand state is one of the two idle enemy actor states in Wolfenstein 3D, the other being Path. An enemy in the Stand state remains in the same place, facing one direction.


Damage done to enemies in the attack mode is halved via bit shift.[1] Sneaking up on enemies in the more complacent states of Path and Stand is a good way to get one-hit kills, because they will receive the full force of the attack.


Dogs do not have a Stand state. They must at all times be in the Path (walk) state, until they have seen the player or died.


While all boss-level enemies have a Stand state, none of them have a specific sprite for Standing. Instead, they use the first sprite of their walking animation, creating an unnatural one-legged look.

Boss sprites always face the player, though technically a standing boss is restricted to vision in one direction. As a consequence of this, it is technically possible to walk up to a boss, even though their sprites would indicate they see you clearly, if you approach from a certain angle.

Mac FamilyEdit

Due to the lack of directional sprites, the Mac Family does not have this state (or the Path state). All enemies go into the Chase state as soon as they are alerted (unless set in WolfEdit to be Ambushers).


  1. WOLFSRC/WL_STATE.C from the Wolfenstein 3D source code on, line 971

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