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The Sturmgewehr is a new assault rifle variant that appears in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It has a sleeker design and better heat dispersion.


The next generation of the Assault Rifle 1960 that was used mainly by Nazi Soldiers and Elites alike. The weapon proves to be useful when taking on enemies at medium to long range. Despite its year of manufacture, it functions more similarly to the Assault Rifle 1946, as evidenced from the weapon's reduced 30-round magazine and slower rate of fire.

Upgrade Edit

  • Marksman scope: Increases accuracy and damage but changes the weapon's firing mode to semi-auto rather than full-auto.
  • Armor piercing: Bullets pierce through armor and thin sheets of metal. This is extremely effective for enemies such as Drones, Ubersoldats, and Super Soldaten
  • Jungle magazine: Dual magazines taped together, which decrease reload speed and increase magazine size.


  • Sturmgewehr is the name used by the real life German army in WWII to designate their new powerful assault rifle, the MP-44. Hence the name STG-44.
  • Sturmgewehr means "storm rifle", the term assault rifle is derived from this.
  • The Sturmgewehr is modeled after the STG-44, which later inspired to the Soviet AK-47, specifically the barrel and front sight but it uses features from other real life rifles with the front charging handle and rear sight modeled after a G3, and the trigger group and magazine being modeled after an FN FAL.
  • Unlike most assault rifles however, the Sturmgewehr has a handle on the side built into the body. This is based off the MG42's barrel release lever, the operator would pull the handle to swing out a worn gun barrel and place a fresh one. It is likely a creative liberty by the devs, since there would be no need to change barrels on an assault rifle mid-combat.
  • Judging from the size of the ammo, it is shown that they use 7.92mm round.

Gallery Edit

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