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This article is about the enemy from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. For other uses, see Super Soldier (disambiguation).
Super soldier
The Super Soldier.

Super Soldiers are the end result of Deathshead's work in the X-Labs. These are his Über-Soldats, armed with a Venom gun, a Tesla gun and a Panzerfaust. They don't go down as easily as their predecessors.

It is not sure whether these soldiers were created to fight the Allies or to protect the site of Heinrich's resurrection and to be turned into zombie knights to aid with the resurrection. According to Deathshead's notes in the Operation Resurrection Project Book, he openly resents the latter option and believes that the Super Soldiers should be directly utilized as weapons of war.


  • The first Super Soldier is introduced by Deathshead in Part 3 of Deathshead's Playground. He is the second boss of the game. He uses a Panzerfaust and a Tesla gun.
  • Two more Super Soldiers are encountered in Part 4 of Return Engagement. At first it appears that there is only one of them, but soon a second one joins the fight. The first one uses a Venom gun and a Panzerfaust. The second one uses a Venom gun, a Panzerfaust and a Tesla gun.
  • One more Super Soldier is seen in the Part 1 of Operation Resurrection, He will use various weapons and along with 2 other Proto-Soldiers will have some SS soldiers/Flamethrower soldier as their friends. (He is not seen in difficulty "Bring them on!" or lower, he will be replaced with a Proto-Soldier.)


Super Soldiers appear in Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein The New Order.

Combat Tips / NotesEdit

  • Super Soldiers have more than twice as much health as the regular Proto-Soldiers, and require a significant amount of firepower to bring down.
  • A Panzerfaust is the best weapon when dealing with them at medium range.
  • Use the Venom gun if they are near, though this tactic is very risky, especially when you encounter them in close quarters.
  • Thompson is not effective against Super Soldiers, don't bother wasting your rounds on him. 
  • Snipe them with the Mauser or FG 42 if possible.
  • Unlike their prototype variant, Super Soldiers can use two or three weapons at once, depending on the difficulty you are playing - the harder the difficulty, the better they fight.
  • Stay mobile while shooting them with automatic weapons.
  • Finding cover fast is vital when dealing with them, since their Tesla gun CAN damage/kill you from a distance from which you can only fire back with Scoped weapons, also, you only have seconds to pop out from cover and attack, the Tesla gun can start to damage you once it spots you.
  • However, if it tries to fire the Panzerfaust at you, do on and attack! The rocket looks dangerous but it is fairly easy to dodge continuing shooting the most powerful weapon until they go down.


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