Supersoldaten (Übersoldaten), or Super Soldiers as they are commonly known by, are heavily-armored biomechanical enemies encountered in Wolfenstein: The New Order, prequel expansion Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and it sequel Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.



Supersoldaten 1946

Supersoldaten 1946 without its mask

The Supersoldaten is a new breed of super soldiers engineered by General Deathshead himself. They are created from human subjects. After going through a chemical therapy, their bodies are surgically enhanced with steel and cybernetics and encased in bullet-proof armor. To purify the human subject's killer instinct, the brain is degenerated into a more primitive state, making them erratic and extremely violent. Regardless, these troops are shown to take orders without question from Deathshead and other Nazi officials and fight together with other soldiers.

The 1946 variant is the only one encountered in The Old Blood, and is fought twice in the entire New Order campaign, first as a boss in a containment chamber in Deathshead's Compound, where it lacks a weapon, and again in Chapter 9 where B.J. has to find his way back to the resistance HQ after retrieving a welder, where it uses the Machine Gun 1946. Despite lacking ranged weapon, the 1946 variant is potent at close and it has much higher mobility than its predecessor. Stay out of their attack range is the most important thing to remember should B.J. run into one of these.

This variant is encountered en masse in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but now serves as a regular enemy instead of a boss and has slight cosmetic tweaks, particularly in it's back-mounted power-pack. Unlike Deathshead's compound version, these Super Soldiers are leashed to large electrical cables that slide along a ceiling mounted rail that provides power to let them move. By turning off generators around the levels, Super Soldiers can be incapacitated for a takedown kill, where B.J. uses his pipe to rip out the cable. However, any sort of heavy firepower can easily kill the cable Super Soldier as the cable snaps and the Soldier will explode.

Another variant is encountered which likewise, can be killed with a pair of take downs (one removes its chest plate, the second destroys its heart and causes it to explode). This is achieved by disabling its power source by damaging it, however, sustained fire power will remove its armor and blow off its chest plate, with a shot to the heart the same as a take down.


Supersoldaten2 1946

Supersoldaten 1960

Like most things that exist in both time periods, the 1960 version of the Supersoldaten is essentially a technologically advanced version of the earlier 1946 type, with the majority of the updates being related to their equipment. Despite their upgraded equipment, their behavior and basic transformations during creation seem to have changed little over the 14 years between the two versions.

Super Soldier 1960

B.J. being held by a Super Soldier. Note that his mask is missing.


Super Soldier about to deck B.J.

Notably, the 1960 Supersoldaten is also created on the Moon and can be seen suspended unarmored and unconscious in tubes of yellow liquid. The creation of the 1946 variant is never seen so it is unknown whether this process differs from the one used to create its predecessors, although judging from the heavy facial scarring of the 1946 model, the process is more reliant on surgery rather than growth cultivation, as appears to be the case with the 1960 variant. Still the face is as heavily scarred as it's predecessor.

Their armor is generally more refined than that of their predecessors; instead of the mixture of flat, crudely machined plates of varying sizes assembled in an almost piecemeal fashion, the 1960 Supersoldaten armor is somewhat more rounded and curved, the components sized and shaped to provide a much greater level of coverage and visibly matching the underlying body parts while also sloped to effectively deflect projectiles, much like tanks and other armored fighting vehicles in both function and appearance. Additionally, the face protection plate of the 1946 version is replaced with a steel mask in the shape of a boldly styled art-deco human face while the head protection is changed to aesthetically resemble a steel version of the helmets worn by other Nazi troops.

As they wield the laser firing, electrically operated MG-60s, the 1960 Supersoldaten can be a challenging enemy due to the combination of their very high damage potential, durability and excellent resilience regarding interrupts and stuns compared to other enemies. They have a high rate of fire so evading shots is difficult and there aren't many ways to deal damage to them without also being directly in their line of fire. The main issue is surviving their very high damage for long enough to kill them because their resistance to interrupts and stuns makes it very difficult to unload into them without taking fatal damage, as they simply won't stop firing even while taking extremely heavy hits.

1961 Edit


A Super Soldier rushes at BJ

The super soldiers deployed in occupied North America feature significant modification to the older design. Unlike their slow, lumbering predecessors who wielded only a single weapon they are all equipped with a jet pack that allows them to rapidly close the distance to an enemy and they each carry a pair of  either Lasergewehre or Dieselgewehre to incincerate enemies. The Nazi seems to sacrifice the Super Soldier's armor in exchange for weapon payload and jet back since they are now less durable than their predecessor and the fuel tanks on their backs are prone to exploding after being damaged.


  • Using energy weapons like the MG-60 and LaserKraftWerk is extremely useful against super soldiers as bullets will only bounce off and inflict a small amount damage on armored parts. Dual wielding the Marksman Rifle is somewhat effective but its energy needs to be recharged quickly after 5-10 seconds. A fully-charged LKW can get the job done if all the lasers connect, or a single focused shot if the player has the scope upgrade (at the cost of an entire battery). On higher difficulties the player need multiple bursts to kill one, so keep an eye out for charging stations.
  • A well-placed Tesla Grenade will briefly stun a Super Soldier, allowing the player a short amount of time to either run to cover or try to deal heavy damage.
  • Bullets weapons can bring them down, though it will take a lot of ammunition. Dual-wielded Assault Rifles will put in a large number of hits very rapidly. The rifle's under-slung rocket launchers will also blast their armor plating off, allowing you to follow up with either more rockets or gunfire to the exposed section.
  • They are highly resistant to being interrupted/stunned even when getting hit by heavy firepower, and their machine guns are very difficult to dodge, meaning it is difficult to avoid damage from them. However, they have a short pause before acquiring a target and firing. Thus, the best way to avoid damage while killing them is to rapidly move in and out of cover. For best results, slip into cover and wait until you hear them stop firing, then emerge from cover at a different position each time, so they have to turn toward you and adjust their aim again before opening fire, therefore allowing you to attack unopposed.
  • Do not get close to them. Even though Super Soldiers tend to hang back and fire at the player with their machineguns, they do have a particularly lethal grab attack followed by a straight punch that instantly kills.


  • Occasionally, hitting a Supersoldat with heavy weapons, such as a rocket or a fully powered shot from the LaserKraftWerk will cause the face mask to fall off, revealing a heavily scarred, nose-less and almost skeletal face underneath.
  • Max Hass is heavily implied to be a failed Supersoldat candidate.
  • They wear an SS doppelte Siegrune device on their armour collars, identifying all of them as being part of Waffen-SS.
  • The 1946 version is compared from the 1943 version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, The 1946 version is a technical setback, as the Super Soldier from 1943 could use two to three weapons as once and doesn't need a power source. Overall, the Super Soldiers in the Old Blood and the New Order are more like the Proto-Soldier.


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