Super Spesh as seen in one of the cutscene.

Super Spesh is a member of the American Resistance. A former lawyer and avid conspiracy theorist about the alien lifeform. In the past, he used to defend Grace Walker successfully in the trial that she was accused of murdering an FBI agent while she was a member of the Black Revolutionary Front. Prior the occupation of the US by the Nazi, he quit his job as a lawyer and cooperate with his father to uncover US government cover-ups about alien technologies as well as alien life form, although in truth the supposed alien technologies are actually Da'at Yichud's technologies. During this time, he opens a diner as front for his operation with the secret control base he hid under the basement of the diner.

After the occupation, he joins the American Resistance to fight against the Nazi and using his secret base under his diner as mission control.

Personality Edit

Super Spesh is avid conspiracy theorist who obsesses with uncovering alien technologies and life form from the US government cover-ups. His obsession is so strong that he refuses to believe all the technologies from the US government cover-ups in Area 51, 48, 56 and 52 are man-made technologies.

It is also shown that he despises the US government from the FBI to US military as well as the President of the US since he calls them pigs and cowards for surrendering the US to the Nazi's occupation. However, at the same time, he also despises and reviles the Nazi since he also calls them as pigs for the oppression they brought on American people and the population in the world.

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