National Socialist swastika


Wolf id symbol red

Stylized letter "W" Wolfenstein logo as seen in the censored versions of the games.

Wolfenstein Triangle

Symbol used in the censored version of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The Swastika, also called the Hakenkreuz or Hooked Cross, is an ancient symbol, an equilateral cross with four arms bent at four right angles.

Historically, it has been used by multiple cultures which attributed to it beneficial meanings (the name "swastika" means literally "to be good") but in the context of the Wolfenstein series, its most important use is that by the Nazi Party, who used it as their emblem. The swastika appears throughout the games of the Wolfenstein series, and is included not only in the textures, but the level design of Wolfenstein 3D.

The inclusion of the swastika led to the banning of the conventional game in Germany, as cultural stigma against the swastika is high there. As such, the censored version of games normally replace the swastika with either the stylized letter W logo of the Wolfenstein series or the Iron Cross, a cross pattée symbol that pre-dates both World Wars.

Wolfenstein 3D levels with swastikas in the level designEdit


A wall tile that shows a swastika.


Wolfenstein 3D often incorporates swastikas in level design, like this level, Floor 3 of Episode 6.

Many levels of Wolfenstein 3D feature levels and rooms that are designed in the shape of swastikas, often to a preposterous extent. This list does not include levels that merely feature swastikas in the coloration of wall tiles.

Spear of DestinyEdit

Spear of Destiny also has some swastikas ingrained in the levels.

  • Tunnels 3 (map) features a diagonally-shaped swastika of ceiling lamps in the southernmost room of the level.
  • Dungeons 1 (map) features a swastika of ceiling lamps in the west of the level.