Cursed Sands Edit

A few notices about console only mission named Cursed Sands. Since I never had an opportunity to play RTCW, I decided to play it now. I was quite disappointed when I realized that there is no communitiy remake of this mission for PC. There are quite some user made missions available for download, but not this official one. I tried doing it myself, but with no success. Cinematics weren't a problem. PS2 edition uses PSS format, and Xbox edition uses BIK format. Both of them can be easily converted to whatever format PC requires. As for maps, this waren't the case. In PC edition, maps are packed into PK3 format, which is actually renamed ZIP archive. As for PS2, it uses RDF format, and Xbox uses CACHEMAP format. I did quite extensive googling and, unfortunately, wasn't able to find a way to unpack those. I came to conclusion that only way to play that mission is to play it on the actual console, either PS2 or Xbox. I was quite suprised when I managed to run PS2 edition with emulator on my not-so-good laptop. Game even ran on smooth 60 FPS. I played through the mission yesterday (collecting all the secrets), and now I plan on playing the rest on PC. Here are some things I would like to point out. PS2 and Xbox have different ingame names for parts/maps. On Xbox, these 7 parts are named as following: Ras el-Hadid, Inner City, Headquarters, Ruins, Ritual Chamber, Tombs, Lower Tombs. On the other hand, on PS2 first three parts share the same name, which is Ras el-Hadid. Other parts are named as following: Ancient Ruins, Burial Chamber, Buried Alive, Eye of Anubis. And one last thing: after comparing two secrets guides available on GameFaqs I realized that guide for Xbox version doesn't contain the location of 4th secret. Now, did the autor overlooked that last secret or it is really not present on Xbox I can't know since I don't have a way to play it to find out. Since everything else was indentical, I suppose that the secret is present on Xbox edition as well. That all. Eqagunn 03:23, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

Secrets Edit

Regarding the last secret in the first mission I was talking about in the previous post, it really isn't present in Xbox version. After watching some videos on YouTube I realized all three version (PC, Xbox and PS2) diffear at some parts. Alongside some parts being altered, number of secrets is also different. PC has 42, Xbox has 81 and PS2 has 86 secrets. Considering singleplayer part of the game, PS2 version would be the best to play out of those three. Eqagunn 03:36, December 4, 2010 (UTC)


"AutoMG42 - Auto aimed fixed bot like a 'sentry'." Where is this from, I don't remeber anything like that?

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