Tesla Grenade

Weapon type Explosive/EMP
Weight 386 grams
Length 388 mm
Diameter 64 mm
Country of Origin Germany
Soldiers Issued -
Appearance(s) Wolfenstein: The New Order

The Tesla Grenade is an energy weapon available in Wolfenstein: The New Order.


A hand grenade with a high explosive EMP charge for taking out multiple enemies and creating diversions. Its magnetically charged casing will stick to nearby mechanical enemies and temporarily disable them. Remember to stay out of the grenade's blast range. Its name refers to Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer best known for his contributions to the design of modern AC power systems.


The Tesla Grenade is a great gadget if the player is outnumbered or attacked by tough mechanical enemies like Super Soldier, Guard Robot and Panzerhund. However, It is necessary to be in close or mid range. Otherwise, It won't hit it. The EMP grenade does have a plus side however, it can stick to the surface of most mechanical enemies, that means if you can get close enough, the grenade is guaranteed to do damage. Despite being an EMP device that primarily harms machines, anyone within the blast radius will take damage; this applies to the player and enemies so watch out for thrown grenades.