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The Dark Army: Uprising
Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod


Windows, Mac and Linux


Return to Castle Wolfenstein


TITEUF-85 Prøductions


December 2015


First Person Shooter




Single Player


id Tech 3 (iortcw)


The Dark Army: (Part 2)

The Dark Army: Uprising is an upcoming single-player standalone modification of the original Return to Castle Wolfenstein coming this year on Windows first ─ then later on Mac and Linux. It's the first part of The Dark Army original project.


Late 1944, some weeks after the failure of the Nazis in Isenstadt (Note: In Wolfenstein, there is no direct indication of the exact date of when the game takes place, it occurs at some point after September 3, 1944 based on Befolgen Sie! propaganda posters, but some in-game citations appear to show signed and dated material listed as '1945'). A British undercover agent working for the Office of Secret Actions (a.k.a. OSA) organization reports that Deathshead has survived to his Zeppelin accident, and is now working on a totally new bio-mechanic experience, in order to create a new army of Super Soldiers. According to the Intel the British agent provided, Deathshead, hidden in a secret base in German mountains, has send infantry troops in a village not far from his position, for some archaeological excavations, in order to find a special artifact, named “The Dark Relic”. This relic is somehow important for his works, in order to create his Super Soldiers, with a totally new and powerful form of energy. Deathshead plans to create the ultimate army of Super Soldiers with this dark and powerful relic — with the goal to institute a new order.


Here are the different features of the modification:

  • Exclusive missions, featuring more cinematic scenes.
  • Remade guns, featuring camouflage options.
  • Better light system, featuring anamorphic lens flares.
  • Colored GFX 2D in-game icons.
  • Finest blood effects, featuring new sprites.
  • Detailed high-quality sounds.
  • Amazing high-definition textures.
  • Better assets, featuring new menus.
  • New engine, based on id Tech 3 (iortcw).
  • Night and day choice, implementing optional weather.

More features will be available due to the implementation of the iortcw engine.


The development of the project was started on July 2013, by TITEUF-85 (a French developer), and revealed later in the month. On November 2014, during the third official trailer, it was announced that the project was now divided, into two parts ─ the first subtitled Uprising.

In 2013, it was announced that the project would release in Winter 2015 (potentially December). In 2014, plans regarding the release were changed and the developer announced a Q4 2014 release ─ but, it later returned to a 2015 release. In 2015, it has been announced that the complete product will release in December, the original release date announced two years before. There is no Intel regarding the second part actually.


The project was teased as a simple additional map pack for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. There were many pictures and information before the official reveal.

During the announce, it was revealed that it wasn't a just a simple map pack instead a real addition for original game, a modification.


In first place, it was announced that there will be a public playable demo some weeks before the game release and a closed demo for some mappers, before the public one. It was confirmed, in the second Q&A Interview, that the plan was abandoned, for some distribution reasons maybe.


To learn about the developer who's made this amazing modification, click-here. To describe him shortly, he is a French developer living in the west of the France.

Real fan of Wolfenstein games. His favorite is of course Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

He's a Return to Castle Wolfenstein (single-player and multi-player) and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory mapper.

  • 2008 Learned how to work on GtkRadiant.
  • 2012 Did nothing special except preparing some plans about a potential Return to Castle Wolfenstein new single-player project; also learned new ways to edit on GtkRadiant.

This is all about his mapper history and after seven years, he states that he "still enjoys mapping on GtkRadiant", admitting that he is actually planning future projects.



Coming Soon...


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