Trainyard levelshot

The level shot for The Trainyards.

The Trainyards is the third part of the Deadly Designs mission of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Mission BriefingEdit

The second part of the SWF industrial complex is the Trainyards/Freight Depot. Aerial Recon reports that this area appears to have been less damaged than the factory. The real strategic importance of this area is that it is the only entrance into the Secret Weapons Facility itself, which lies underground and out of reach of Allied bombers.

Unfortunately, our tactical knowledge of this area is minimal at best, so you must discover on your own which building contains the SWF entrance.


  • Gain access to the main warehouse complex.
  • Locate the primary lift and proceed to the Secret Weapons Facility.


  • One can be found in one of the railcar (you should see it if you are on the roof where the Black Guards armed with FG 42 and Panzerfaust are, it has some gold that you can see them) Nothing special, the only challenge is where you jump, sprint jump can be helpful. It is hard to avoid falling damage but no big deal, you will find health packs, gold and some 7.92mm ammo.

Another secret can be found inside the building. Once inside, you have to press two buttons to unlock a small door and a big two-sided door with red-green light. Enter the big door, walk on the stairs, on the right there's a window, inside that room you can see a parachutist guard and this is the second secret room you want. Go upstairs, on the metal platform, you can see the place where the secret room is, if you use binoculars it's possible to see a control panel. You have to run on the railing and sprint jump (default press Shift sx) on the other side, near the control panel, so jump again, enter the room in wich he was the paratrooper, secret unlocked! Collect stuff.


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