The Victors, is a third-party modification for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Which focuses on the eastern front of the Soviet campaign in the Eastern Ukraine.


The project has been in development since early 2002 by a group of Level Designers, Concept Artists and 3D Designers from Moddb called AidanDemon, Krot, Vicpas, Shurr, Yo$hik and Eugeny. They have being focusing more on level design and have become an independent developer, though it has taken a very long time. Now, they are becoming famous all around the world as people are starting to recognize their work. During the Ukraine Maiden Crisis in 2014. The project was though to be silence forever due to the turmoil on that nation. However it turn out to that the project is still on going and the developing is even much slower. Where they announcing, going to re-creating an engine for that the vanilla Id Tech 3 never had before.


Where World War 2 have becoming a turning tide to the Allies favour following the success in the Eastern Front. One of the top Soviet agent travelling and undercover through into the enemy occupied area of Ukraine, He have discovering the top secret of the German plan for quest domination by using paranormal power. However, He didn't successfully deliver the Intel back to Moscow and was captured by the Nazis and Brutally tortured in prison. Now he himself had to get out from there and deliver the Intel to the Kremlin. Before it was too late as the USSR does not know, what kind of weapon it will faced; what the Nazi have obtained it to win the war.


  • The Victors had been in develop for over 10 years and is considered to be one of the longest developing of any Return of Castle Wolfenstein modification.
  • It share the same name with 1963 film, The Victors.

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