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Thule Society emblem

Thule refers to two distinct groups in the games Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: The New Order; the Thule Civilisation and the Thule Society.

Thule CivilisationEdit

The Thule or Hyperboreans are a mythical race said to have once lived in the far north, typically Iceland, Greenland, or a lost continent which disappeared beneath the ocean; in ariosophist myths they were a race of giants who were the ancestors of the Germanic race. In this version, which appears to be at least partially true in the games, they died out after the star that gave them power faded, becoming the Black Sun.

Olaric was the ancient weaponsmith of the Thule.[1]

In the games their ruins contain many magical artifacts but are protected by devious traps and potent magical seals, some of which can raise monstrous creatures like Olaric or bring the dead to life to defend their tombs. They attempted to master the power of the Black Sun, constructing a massive machine to harness it, but ultimately were completely destroyed by it.

In the ninth century A.D., the pre-Christian Saxon prince Heinrich sought to forge an independent Germanic state, separate from the powerful Frankish dynasty. Having discovered and translated texts from the East, he became convinced that his people were the direct descendants of Thule, a race of pure consciousness. He believed that he could tap into the power of Thule. Indeed he did, raising up a vast army of evil undead, led by Dark Knights whom he anointed in bizarre, dark rituals. Though the power of Thule had not been intended for evil, Heinrich harnessed it with sheer will, bending the power against all who would oppose him.

Legend suggests that in 943 A.D. a mysterious and powerful monk finally stood against Heinrich and his army of Dark Knights. Following a fierce and bloody battle, this lone monk enshrined Heinrich in a living tomb at the top of a remote mountain peak. Knowing that evil of this kind cannot be destroyed -- only contained -- he marked and sealed the ground with curses of the ancient texts forbidding any human ever to enter the tomb.[2]

The RTCW wolfenstein strategy guide describes that Heinrich pulled his power from a dark plane, perhaps this foreshadowing of what would be known as the Black Sun Dimension, which also had a Thulian connection. In Wolfenstein it confirms that the Thule constructed a civilization and tapped energy from the Black Sun Dimension. Hence Thule technology (perhaps in conjunction with Otto I's alchemical research) was both behind the undead seen in Wulfburg, Castle Wolfenstein, etc, and also the undead empowered by the Black Sun. It is unclear if Otto I's research had a Thulian connection as well, although the undead shamblers also seem to burst into flame similar to Black Sun creatures (but this is said to likely be from the fires of Hell).

Thule SocietyEdit

Spear of DestinyEdit

This secret society worshipped the sun as a sacred symbol of the Aryans. It also practiced Satan worship -- the inner core of the society were all Satanists who practiced Black Magic.

Members of the society were not simply working-men, but included scientists, doctors, university professors and other men of high standing.

The members of the Thule Society were the foundation of the Nazi Party. The committee and the forty original members of the New German Worker's Party were from the Thule Society.

In the Thule Society, Hitler found the beliefs that were to lead him to power and have such a devastating effect on the world.

Dietrich Eckhart was a dedicated Satanist and co-founder of both the Nazi party and the Thule Society.

The New OrderEdit

The Thule Society (Thule-Gesellschaft) was a German occultist group known chiefly for being one of the sponsors of the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which became the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, better known as the Nazi Party. They take their name from the mythical Thule race. In real life this group lost influence over the party after Adolf Hitler joined, and disbanded completely by 1935. In the games, however, they still exist in 1943, and are a powerful secret society of occultists and mystics working to discover ways to further the cause of Nazi Germany.

Ultimately, It becoming the main key to turn the tide of the war dramatic against the Allies in 1946 and conquer everything in it path to establish their dominion around the world.

Trivia Edit

  • Heinrich may actually be a past life of Heinrich Himmler, as they both share a name, and in real life Himmler thought he was reborn Germanic king.

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