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The Tomb of Olaric was a mausoleum situated next to the Wulfburg Church. It was the burial site of an early founder of Thulian lore named Olaric and was also the location of his fabled Dagger of Warding.

In his lifetime, Olaric's use of the dark arts had corrupted the Wulfburg Church and the surrounding catacombs and as a result, both the church and his tomb were isolated from the rest of the village. When Olaric eventually died, he was entombed in the mausoleum where his dagger was also kept.

In 1943 A.D., Olaric's Tomb was opened by Helga von Bulow and Professor Zemph. While Helga wanted to acquire the Dagger of Warding, Zemph strongly advised her not to take it only to be executed by the rash von Bulow. Helga's theft of the dagger caused Olaric to emerge from his tomb as an undead monster, resulting in her death and Olaric's own destruction at B.J. Blazkowicz's hands.