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A Tome

The Tome of Power is a collectable item in Wolfenstein.


Tomes of Power are hidden throughout the game in the hub maps, missions and side missions. While on their own they do nothing, collecting set numbers of Tomes will unlock upgrades for BJ's Veil Powers which can then be bought from the Black Market.

Almost all Tomes in the game are hidden behind breakable stone panels with arcane symbols on them; these panels glow bright red in the Veil, making the Tomes the easiest of the three collectables to find all of. Finding all Tomes in the game will automatically give the player all Thule Medallion upgrades for free; the last Tome, if the player gets all of them as early as possible, is in the mission Radio Station, so it is a good idea to sell all Veil Powers before attempting this mission and spend the money on weapon upgrades. But the game is beatable if none of the upgrades are purchased, though this may make the game much more difficult.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The tome is a homage to Heretic and Hexen, the games developed by Raven Software in the past. Items known as Tome of Power existed in these games, allowing player to improve his weapons. Also, the cover of Heretic: The Shadow of Serpent Riders features a Tome of Power that looks almost identical to the one from Wolfenstein.

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