The introduction of the sitcom series Trust in Brother

Trust in Brother is sitcom created by Neumond Television produced for an American audience in the American Territories. The show serves as comedy as well as propaganda for the Nazis since one episode features the strict standard of Aryan race involving strict diet and nutrition value in term of consuming sweet in which the character being warned that he will be reported the Youth Health Ministry if he consumes a lot of chocolate. Furthermore, it also shows that nutrition value for the youth is a matter of state security for the Nazis and being overweight is dishonorable and disgusting.

The show is mostly canceled after the event of the New Colossus due to the rise of the American Resistance network. Furthermore, it is possible that all the producers of the show as well as the actors are now forced to retire from acting or worse, run for their lives as the American Resistance network will now target them to destroy the Nazi propaganda machine saved for the child actors.


  • Just like in this sitcom, Irene Engel looks down to her own daughter for overuse of too much sugar and being overweight.
  • Trust in Brother is a parody of 1950s sitcoms most notably Leave It To Beaver down to its premise, the bedroom and protagonists.