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―In-game weapon description for the Ubergewehr.
The Übergewehr is an extremely powerful energy weapon that firing a charged laser blast mixed with diesel energy strong enough to create a sphere of energy to vaporize a Super Soldier into smithereens in one shot. The weapon appears on the later part of the Venus mission, near the end of the New Colossus, and on the last Oberkommando mission. Its is only carried by the Zerstörer unit.

Detailed concept art of the Ubergewehr.

The Übergewehr is the strongest weapon in the New Colossus.

Untitled 2-3

Concept art of the Ubergewehr.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon is based on the BFG 9000 from Doom series. It especially resembles the version from the 2016 game (also published by Bethesda), in that it fires a large spherical energy blast that expands outward and vaporizes enemies within it.

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