Elecbotlet, accompanied by his creator


I have created a bot account for the Wolfenstein Wiki. His name shall be User:Elecbotlet. As a member of the elite "Robotern" ("Robot") user group, he's a bit different from a normal user:

  • He is controlled by a computer
  • He can edit dozens of times at once
    • Good tasks are renaming categories and templates, fixing all implementations across the wiki
    • Tasks he can't do: write articles
  • His changes will not show up in RecentChanges
    • You can click "Show bots" to reveal his edits.
    • When he is assigned a task, it shall be recorded at User:Elecbotlet/Log
  • He must adhere by the Three Laws of Robotics, so don't worry ;)

Any comments may be made on this page. Formal requests should be made at User:Elecbotlet/Requests, as said above.

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