Hello! I'm User:Elecbullet, an administrator here at the Wolfenstein Wiki, and I recently undertook an effort to rejuvenate the Achievement system for the Wolfenstein Wiki!

All default achievements come with default generic names and default generic icons. I created clever names and icons for all the icons on the associated wiki page, but there are many more to be done. I'd appreciate some feedback on what should be done next here!

Feedback wanted

I am aware that I made many changes to the Achievement system without consulting anyone. However, I feel that it was an improvement, as we went from dozens of generic Achievements to dozens of Wolfenstein related Achievements. I'd hope that you'd all agree with me on that, if not, I can easily revert back to the default achievements list.

Other feedback desired:

  • feedback on icons and names, suggestions for changes
  • suggestions for Categories that deserve their own edit track of Achievements
    • Each edit track will create 3 bronze, 3 silver, and 2 gold Achievements for making 1-500 edits to pages in that category
    • Names and icon suggestions for that category are a necessity

Administrators can see all the badges on the wiki at Special:AchievementsCustomize. There also appears to be a page at Special:AchievementsSharing listed in the software, but it redirects to the main page. Freaky! In any case, post suggestions here or at the talk page of Wolfenstein Wiki:Achievements. Elecbullet (talk) 01:55, August 27, 2012 (UTC)

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