On September 3, 2012, a new Wolfenstein 2009 themed skin was applied for the Monobook theme of the Wolfenstein Wiki. I, Elecbullet, designed the new skin. Previously, I'd developed a skin back when Wikia still used Monaco (Those were the days...).

I'd like some feedback on the new skin, comments, suggestions, pages that look nasty under it. Let me know in any comments on this post. for this article. Or feel free to customize your own Monobook.css if you've got the skills for that. Remember to make sure pages on Wolfenstein Wiki are usable under the Oasis (default) skin. To check this, paste "?useskin=oasis" onto the end of any page's URL.

To do:

  • Fix any apparent inadequacies in the new skin
  • Revise File:Wiki.png
  • Check for broken pages and templates
  • Test with various browsers
    • New Firefox- no apparent issues
    • New Chrome- no apparent issues
    • New Opera- no apparent issues
    • Internet Explorer 9- no apparent issues
    • Internet Explorer (older versions)- text visibility issues caused by IE's poor standards support. The major issue has been fixed and is less the fault of Internet Explorer and more the fault of my piss-poor coding.

Thank you all, and please, leave any comments on this page. Even if it's just "I like it!". Elecbullet (talk) 03:14, September 4, 2012 (UTC)

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