I am proud to announce that at my request Wikia Staff has added new URLs to this wiki. In short, if you go to any of the following:

... then you will be redirected here. I think this is great- it'll have multiple benefits:

  • Ease of finding this wiki, for new users
  • Discouraging duplicate wikis which could reduce the overall manpower of the mother wiki
  • Possible SEO, I dunno v(^_^)v

I love to be able to go to http://<franchise><subject> to learn about anything under the sun, and this will reduce overall errors by like-minded people.

In the future

If you have a suggestion for an additional URL redirect to be made, don't hesitate to tell us!

Also worth note: while all the URLs listed above were fair game, not occupied by any wiki at the time of collection, there are two other Wolfenstein wikis, to be found at:

Since they're abysmally small and neglected (zero pages on each, save for Main Pages) I may as well begin the process of merging them with this wiki to absorb their URLs as well. Know of any others? Tell me.

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