Dear Wolfensteiners,

As you may or may not yet have noticed, I have started a French Wolfenstein Wiki! I did this in order for our French, Quebecian and other native French-speaking friends to save time trying to understand the English pages. Not being a native English speaker, I can tell from my own experience that it remains a lot easier to read in your own language, no matter what your level at English is.

However, I wouldn't be writing this blog post if that was all I had to say. As French is my second language and I have become more fluent at English than French throughout time, I will need help with this project. Also, due to this not being the only thing in my life I am busy with, I am in a great lack of time to contribute more than a few paragraphs every day. So please, lend me a hand or pass this message on to anyone who can.

Who can help?

  • Native speakers - if you are a native French speaker who so far helped out only the English wiki: come translate!
  • People who know French - even if at a basic level, you might be able to correct a spelling mistake here and there, solve bugs or help with lay-outing.
  • Coders - trying to stay as close as possible to the English version, I'd like if e.g. the templates would look the same.

How to help?

  • Translate pages
  • Import templates
  • Import images from the other Wolfenstein wikis
  • Correct the pages others write
  • And everything you basically do on any wiki, you know...

But since I am really bad at advertising stuff, I will stop explaining now. Please, just come over to help or PASS THE MESSAGE ON.

Love, Ethear.

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