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A Venom Gunner.

Venom Soldiers (German: Giftgewehrschützen) are soldiers who are armed with a Venom gun. They wear heavy coats and gas masks, which protect them from a retaliatory attack with a flamethrower. If they are encountered in close quarters, they will quickly inflict massive damage. The best way to dispatch these enemies is from a distance. But even using the Mauser rifle or MG 42 can be dangerous, because as long as you are in his sights, he will fire at you with little delay, regardless of the distance. But keeping a distance from them is always a good idea, due to the Venom gun having a large spread and inaccuracy at longer ranges.


  • Like their flamethrower cousins, they are very resilient to damage with 150 hit points; similarly they are also immune to one-hit kills from headshots and snooper rifle, immune to fire, and can't lose their helmets. They should be taken care of before facing other enemies.
  • The best way of dealing with them is by using the Mauser Rifle from a long distance or fight fire with fire by using your own Venom, when confronting them at close range.
  • FG 42 can be used at mid-range, scoping with this weapon is not necessary.
  • The Venom Gunners are the first primary targets that should be eliminated before dealing with other foes that are much less threatening.


Venom Gunners are only fought in Ice Station Norway.


Venom Gunner appears in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Trivia Edit

  • The Reich Heavy troopers seen in the Metro: Last Light‘s Developer Pack DLC resembles the Venom Gunners. They often use similar looking 12.7mm Gatling guns, too.


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