Village1 levelshot

The level shot for Village.

Village is the first part of the Dark Secret mission of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Mission BriefingEdit

From OSA via Kreisau Circle contact Kessler:

Learned of your capture and subsequent escape from Castle Wolfenstein; Agent One's death was a tragedy, but unavoidable.

Himmler's SS Paranormal Division, headed by Helga von Bulow, is staging a massive archaeological dig near the outskirts of the village. OSA recently intercepted fragments of high-level encoded messages coming from the site directly to Himmler himself, but up to this point we have been unable to fully decode any of the messages.

Karl Villigut, a member of the Kreisau Circle, is in the village with an important item for you. If possible, locate him and obtain the item, then proceed as per Kessler's instructions to archaeological dig and investigate the situation. Remember to gather any intelligence information you may find along the way. You will receive new orders once you reach the dig site.




Return to Castle Wolfenstein map 4 - Village

Return to Castle Wolfenstein map 4 - Village