"Beware the wolves, kind sir."
―The Village Drunkard to B.J. in Paderborn.[src]

The village drunkard is a minor character in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood who appears in Paderborn and Wulfburg where he rants about the Nazis' cruelty (referring to them as "wolves") and talk with Blazkowicz.

During his escape from Castle Wolfenstein, Blazkowicz encounters the village drunkard when he enters Paderborn, shortly before meeting Annette Krause. After Blazkowicz gives the man some coins for his soup, he rambles about wolves. He is later encountered in Wulfburg, where he can also be given coins after he falls asleep, but calls B.J. his Nazi killing friend.

The village drunkard was most likely killed during the earthquake caused by the Nazis, and later reanimated into a Shambler.