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The Wehrmacht symbol, a straight-armed Balkenkreuz

The Wehrmacht (English: Defence Forces) is the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935 to 1945. It consisted of the Heer (army), the Kriegsmarine (navy) and the Luftwaffe (air force). The Wehrmacht is considered during the World War II the most powerful army in the German history.

The Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht is the Führer Adolf Hitler in his capacity as Germany's head of state. The Heer is under command of the Generalfeldmarschall Wilheim Keitel. The Kriegsmarine is administrated by the Grobadmiral Erich Raeder and replaced by Karl Doniztz after Raeder's retirement. The Luftwaffe is leaded by the Reichmarschall Hermann Goring.

In Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Wehrmacht discovered a secret placement of Da'at Yichud where the German soldiers stealed the secrets inside the placement. All the informations are gave for the general Wilheim Strasse where he can develop his advanced weapons for the German Reich. Despite the unsucessful assault at the Deathshead's compound, general Strasse continued to develop his researches until the Wehrmacht win the World War II by the creation of the atomic bomb. After the war, all armies of the world were absorbed by the military forces of the Third Reich and the Wehrmacht is now considered has the most powerful army of the history of mankind. All technologies developed inside the Deathshead's compound give the Wehrmacht more powerful each day until all soldiers are invincibles.


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