List of Notable Quotes make by William J. Blazkowicz from all series/franchises.

Wolfenstein 3D Edit

―B.J. Blazkowicz's success[src]
"All right!"
―B.J. Blazkowicz's success.[src]

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of WarEdit

Wolfenstein Edit

"OSA Headquarter, This is Agent B.J Blazkowicz. Wake up the Director ...Tell him we need to meet as soon as I land."
―B.J. speaking with OSA Headquarters.[src]
"Thanks, I'm more concerned about that medallion I found."
―B.J. on the medallion[src]
"What have they found out?"
―B.J. asking a question.[src]
"No doubt some of them are part of the SS Paranormal Division."
―B.J. Blazkowicz[src]
"So you think the medallion was the result of the Zetta's work?"
"Not a problem. When do I get started?"
"Thank you, sir."
"How do you know I am not a Nazi?"
―B.J. questioning.[src]
"Sorry, not until I heard more about the Golden Dawn."
―B.J. apologizing[src]
"I've seen something like this before."
―B.J. Blazkowicz[src]
―B.J. seeing Wilhelm Strasse[src]
"You forget it, I'm the one with the gun, shut that thing down."
―B.J. showing authority.[src]

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Edit

"This war is a disease. Passed through blood, spilled by warriors. I feel the winds from the gathering storm."
―B.J.'s first internal monologue.[src]
"I got pretty solid shoulders, Agent One."
―B.J. to Wesley.[src]
"Nobody told me."
―B.J. to Wesley on losing the war.[src]
"America will never fold."
―B.J. to Wesley.[src]
"Commandant Franz, aus Frankfurt. Guten morgen, guten morgen. Ah, fuck it."
―B.J.'s thoughts before entering the castle.[src]
"Ja, ein.... Hot Dog? (Yes, a...Hot Dog?)"
―B.J. telling Rudi what his name.[src]
"I reckon I had to say something."
―B.J.'s reply to Wesley on speaking to Rudi.[src]
"Pathfinder calling Landseer. Come in, Landseer, over."
―B.J. radioing in Kessler[src]
"Landseer, we can't find Lucy's Present, over."
―B.J. to Kessler.[src]
"Roger, Pathfinder out. SHIT."
―B.J. getting caught by a Nazi soldier.[src]
"I'm working on it!"
―B.J.'s reply to Wesley.[src]
"How's that exit coming along, Wesley?"
―B.J. to Wesley while fighting reinforcements.[src]
―B.J. getting captured by Rudi.[src]
"Goddamit, Blazkowicz. You done messed up now."
―B.J. awaking in his cell.[src]
"Yup. I'm here, Wesley. I'll get us out of here somehow."
―B.J. to Welsey[src]
"Nope, never been."
―B.J. to Wesley in prison.[src]
"I saw your kind before back at Deathshead's X-Labs."
―B.J. on the Super Soldiers.[src]
"Jesus Christ, that's a big fucking dog."
―B.J. Blazkowicz upon seeing the Panzerhund in Castle Wolfenstein[src]
"Don't worry, Wesley. I've got a plan: Break into the Keep, kill every goddamn Nazi in there. Set you free, then we get the hell out of this place and contact Kessler in the village tavern."
―B.J.'s internal thoughts.[src]
"This reminds me of the bog by the stables back home. The smell of dead plans and wet wood."
―B.J. remembering.[src]
"Alas, poor Yorick. Oops."
―B.J. reciting Hamlet with a skull then dropping it.[src]
"Wesley. Hey, come on Wesley. Wake up. Gotta wake up. Come on. Wesley."
―B.J. trying to wake up a tortured Wesley.[src]
"I don't know how you pulled through, soldier."
―B.J. to Wesley on his torture.[src]
"You got it."
―B.J. on learning how to survive torture.[src]
"You sick, little, Nazi fuck."
―B.J. to Rudi on feeding Wesley to Greta.[src]
―B.J. to Rudi on his contact.[src]
"Santa Claus."
―B.J. to Rudi.[src]
"When I break free. I will fry you ion this chair 'till you die."
―B.J. threating Rudi.[src]
"And when I'm done with you, I will kill your dog."
―B.J. threating Rudi.[src]
"Killed your fuckin' dog, Rudi."
―B.J. after killing Greta.[src]
"Sorry I couldn't save you, pal."
―B.J. closing Wesley's eyes.[src]
"Get a grip, B.J. Carry on with the plan: Grab a cable car to the village, rendezvous with Kessler at the tavern. No hill for a stepper, right Billy Boy? No hill for a stepper."
―B.J. reminding himself to follow the plan.[src]
"Gotta get out."
―B.J. on leaving the cable car.[src]
"Here. For soup."
―B.J. giving money to the Village Drunkard.[src]
"'Die Narzisse singen im Mondlicht. (The Daffodil sings in the moonlight)"
―B.J. saying the password to Annette and later Pippa.[src]
"William J. Blazkowicz: US Military"
―B.J. to Annette and later Kessler.[src]
"My father used to call me Billy Boy."
―B.J. to Annette on his father.[src]
"My friends just call me B.J."
―Blazkowicz to Annette.[src]
"Ladies first."
―B.J. to Annette.[src]
"In Abraham's bosom."
―B.J. replying on Wesley's status.[src]
"How many goddamn Nazis are there in this world?"
―B.J. fighting Nazis.[src]
"Alright, time to open the cellar."
―B.J. after killing all Nazi reinforcements.[src]
"Okay, Naizs are all dead time to..."
―B.J. to Kessler[src]
―B.J. before fighting Power-Armored Rudi Jaeger.[src]
"What about the girl?"
―B.J. to Kessler on Annette.[src]
"I mean what's her story?"
―B.J. to Kessler.[src]
"This place is infected with Nazi pigs. You should be careful, do not kill anyone unless you have to."
"What's that? Kill as many Nazis as I can?"
"No, I said—"
"Can't hear you Kessler, lots of static.
―Kessler and B.J. on his way to Pippa[src]
"Rest your feet for a moment. Have some tea and biscuits."
"So this is where they transferred you?"
"Yeah. Six months now."
"Haven't seen you since the London HQ party."
"Oh, that was a riot. Wesley spilled beer all over my bristols. Clumsy twit."
"I tried to save him, Pippa."
"I know you did, love. I'm sorry. This is not the time for maudlin stories.
―Pippa and B.J.'s conversation.[src]
"You deserved a better fate than this, Pippa."
―B.J. after killing a reanimated Pippa.[src]
"Look at that. It's raining Nazis."
―B.J. on the Shamblers falling from the sky.[src]
"You're crazy as a loon, Kessler."
―B.J. to Kessler before their departure in Chapter 6.[src]
"Listen, I can come with you."
―B.J. to Annette before her departure.[src]
"So sorry, Annette. It wasn't supposed to end this way."
―Blazkowicz after killing a reanimated Annette if Kessler is saved.[src]
"I was a kid, we had a monster in our basement. My father said if I'd done wrong it would creep out at night and come for me. I tried to do no wrong, but the monster came all the same."
―B.J. internal thoughts after killing Annette or Kessler[src]
"You'll always be another Nazi."
―B.J. to Helga.[src]
"How's the head, Blazowicz?"
"How'd you find me?"
"We got a distress call from Pippa. We found her body."
"They got Wesley too, Fergus."
"Bloody hell.
―Fergus and B.J. on the boat ride.[src]
"Dammit. Forgot to take a piss before we left. Why didn't you remind me, Blazko?"
"I look like your babysitter, Fergus?
―Fergus and B.J. on the truck ride.[src]

Wolfenstein: The New Order Edit

"While I was gone, they set the world on fire. It wasn't war anymore; it was a remaking. Some losses are inevitable. Some...unthinkable. Now they've built a new world. Armies of steel and thunder. They're rewriting history. But they forgot about me."
―B.J. in The New Order trailer.[src]
"In my dreams, I smell a barbecue. I see children, a dog, and I see someone. I think I see someone. These things, none of it for me. I move by roarin' engines, among warriors. We come from the night."
―B.J.'s dream.[src]
"Death at the gates again. Howling my name. Can't greet you today. I have a war to win."
―B.J. after defeating the planes.[src]
"Sir? What's the score, Cap?"
"Do or die, son. Same as always."
"Oorah, sir.
Prendergast and B.J. after getting on the plane.[src]
"It's the break of dawn. July 16, 1946. Everything's gone to shit. The Nazi War Machine is advancing at an astonishing rate. We can't catch up. Our tactics are failing. Outclassed and outgunned, and nobody knows why. People are getting desperate. Not me, I'm here to meet an old friend and settle a score, Turn this thing around."
―B.J. on the war.[src]
"Fergus. What's your status?"
"Blazkowicz. We've got the skitters in bad ways over here. Trapped inside an aircraft while some kind of armored hell-beast is trying to fucking eat us. No joke."
"I got the same problem here. Shacked up inside dead wreckage."
"Is that you over there? Private Wyatt, flash your lights. Blazko, can you see the light? Wyatt, turn off the light. Turn it off!"
"Yes, Sir!"
"I see you. What can I do for you?"
"We can't get to it from our position. Utterly fucking trapped in here. But if you could access the cockpit turret on this here aircraft, you might be able to kill the beast. Regular small arms sure don't work for bugger all. Eh, perhaps, you can swim here? Just keep your head down below the surface and you should be all right."
"Good plan, Fergus. Coming to you.
―B.J., Fergus and Wyatt after the plane crash.[src]
"A beast built by Deathshead. Should've killed that man long ago."
―B.J. on the Panzerhund.[src]
"Got it."
―B.J. to Fergus' plan.[src]
"This isn't a war, but the breaking of seals. The undoing of life itself."
―B.J. on the war.[src]
"Private Wyatt. Good kid."
―B.J.'s thoughts on Private Wyatt in Chapter 1.[src]
"You all right there, kid?"
"Sir, my eyes are watering and I think I'm gonna be sick. Is this normal?"
"It's just nerves. I'm gonna teach you a trick. Inhale, count to four. Exhale. Count to four. All there is to it.
―B.J. and Wyatt in Chapter 1.[src]
"Another kid you murdered, General. You counting? One of us is gonna die today."
―B.J. after Gates' death.[src]
"Inhale. Count to four. Exhale."
―B.J. on his torture technique.[src]
"Strange sensation, trapped in my body. I black out, I'm losing time. Sometimes seasons change in the blink of an eye. I'm...having trouble with my thoughts. They dissipate like a scent on the wind...I'm getting better. Because of her. Her name is Anya. She takes good care of me. She takes care of everyone. She holds the place together."
―B.J. on the Asylum.[src]
"Nazi scum...!"
―B.J. after killing the soldier in the Asylum.[src]
"Anya. Where'd they take you?"
―B.J. after killing the Nazi soldier.[src]
"Legs are like jelly. Fingers fell numb. Mother of all headaches."
―B.J. falling to the ground and collecting the handgun.[src]
"No one should be made to die like this."
―B.J. looking over Anya's parents' bodies.[src]
"You Nazis. Shooting folks who can't defend themselves."
―B.J.'s on the Nazis massacre of the patients.[src]
"Gotta find the ext. Find Anya."
―B.J. in Chapter 2.[src]
"Should find Anya and get the hell away from this place. Anya. I'll get you out of here."
―B.J. after killing all the Nazis.[src]
"My name is William J. Blazkowicz. Ranger. Army. USA. I'm sorry, my Polish isn't very good. Are you fit to drive?"
"Where to?"
―B.J. and Anya leaving the Asylum.[src]
"And they grieve their dead. Such raw sorrow. Can't partake. Mine would flood oceans. It would drown me. If I let it out."
―B.J. on Anya and her grandparents grieving.[src]
"It's 1960."
"Yes. You stayed with us for fourteen years. It's 1960.
I...I have to find a way to contact the US military. I gotta find my unit, let them know I'm alive and ready for duty."
"It's no more war."
"It's over. No more military."
"The war ain't over. Look at all these Nazis walking around."
"They won."
"It's over. The Nazis rule the world now. They are everywhere. Everywhere."
"What about the US?"
"The USA, they uhm...What's the word? To surrender?"
"They surrendered."
"They surrendered?"
"Because of the..."
"Atom bomb."
"They surrendered 12 years ago. When Nazis atom bombed their country."
"Well, then I will find the resistance. I'll find them and I'll help them fight."
"No, no. No more resistance. Everyone is captured. If they live, the Nazis have them. And who can say where they keep them?
―Anya, B.J., Roman and Olenka Targonski on the Nazis' rule.[src]
"Let me tell you how this is gonna work. I'm gonna ask you one question. You are gonna answer that question in a way that I find satisfactory and if you do not... I will saw your head off with this here appliance, you hear me?"
―B.J. Blazkowicz to Keller during an interrogation.[src]
"Take care of her. We understand each other? Or I will find you and hurt you."
"I understand.
―Roman and B.J. on protecting Anya.[src]
"Hm. Good aim for an old dame."
―B.J. on Olenka's shooting skills.[src]
"Hey, darlin'. How 'bout we go for a spin. Okay. Back to work."
―B.J. acting as he was talking to a girl in a beat up car.[src]
"Okay, play it cool, Blazkowicz. You're just another Nazi jerk went for coffee in the middle of the night."
―B.J. after getting the coffee on the train.[src]
"Is that for me?"
"You know there's just one bed?"
"Are you comfortable sharing?"
―Anya and B.J. on the train to Berlin.[src]
"Sometimes Christmas... sometimes birthdays... sometimes mayhem, suffering and death... sometimes you just need to feel... something good."
―B.J. while having sex with Anya.[src]
"Steel. Stone. Concrete for miles. I wonder if there's anything in this world worth saving. Desolation. Tyranny. Enemy of endless might. I wonder if I have any friends left standing. It comes down to it, I'll fight alone. But I'll promise you this: friends, if this is where they're keeping you. I will find you, and set you free."
―B.J. going to Eisenwald.[src]
"Wake up. Your dead."
―B.J. killing a sleeping soldier in Chapter 4.[src]
"Gotta be the laziest bunch of guards the world has ever seen."
―B.J. before stealth killing the Nazi Commander in Chapter 4.[src]
"Gosh almighty. I thought I was a goner. And here you are back from the dead ... to save us all, imagine that. What've you been up to, Captain Blazkowicz?"<br."Shooting, stabbing, strangling Nazis. Ready to set things straight, Wyatt."
"Fantastic. Let's get outta here, shall we? Hey! You, close that door! Alright. Let's get to work.
―Wyatt after being saved by B.J. in Chapter 4 - Eisenwald Prison.[src]
"Crafty. Loyal. Tenacious."
―B.J. to Anya after crashing the car.[src]
"Fuck me. B.J. Blazkowicz, I should've known. Only you would be dumb enough to do a daytime entry."
"Caroline. You're alive."If you call shitting in a bag living. Three pulverized vertebrae. You?"
"Head trauma. Four inches of cast iron shrapnel right in the conk, still in there."
"Severed colon, septic shock, shattered Pelvis."
"Memory loss, flashbacks, 14 years in a loony bin.
―Caroline and B.J. reunite.[src]
"You still got it, old man."
―B.J. if he lifts weights in Kreisau Circle HQ.[src]
"Okay, okay. So you put a Nazi on the Moon. Fuck you, Moon."
―B.J. curses the Moon.[src]
"Right. Nazis dead. Nazi robots dead. Broke all your shit. Helicopters secured."
―B.J. after destroying the Heavy Robot.[src]
"Sorry about your legs."
"Don't be. I've learnt how to fly.
―B.J. and Caroline getting the helicopters.[src]
"There's the Helicopters. That's Deathshead's Engineering. Bet your bottom dollar it is."
―B.J. on the helicopters.[src]
"Well, he'd make a pretty good father... for a Nazi."
―B.J. to Caroline on Klaus.[src]
"Neat toy. All I had was a pine cone and a box of matches."
―B.J. collecting Max's toys.[src]
"Sweet dreams, Max."
―B.J. after getting all of Max's toys and placing beside him.[src]
"Wyatt. I need the keys to the archives. You got 'em?"
"Yes, I think so. Perfect. Just gosh-dang perfect."
"What you got there?"
"Dog-tags. Wing Commander Fergus Reid of the Royal Air Force. Took those off his dead body, wanted to return them to the RAF, but then there was no RAF."
"Best damn pilot ever saw and hell of a soldier."
"I'm not cut out for this, you know?"
"This, everything. I was 18 years old and suddenly the war was lost. Everything good in the world died, somehow I was the one supposed to pick up the pieces... keep the resistance going, take on the whole gosh-darn Nazi empire. You think I was ready for that kind of responsibility? My ignorance got many good people killed. You remember Private Prendergast? You know that guy, he could survive anything. So tough. Well, I got him killed. Sent him out on a mission and he never came back. I just didn't know any better. Wing Commander Fergus Reid. He would have known what to do. He could have saved so many."
"I made the wrong choice?"
"You made a stupid choice! Yes, you did! You left a boy in charge of a man's work. I should have died on that day, Captain, on that slab, and Fergus Reid should have lived. I'm not a child anymore, Captain. I know when mistakes were made. There. Leave me alone now, you here!
―Wyatt to B.J. in Chapter 7 - A Mystery.[src]
"I made the wrong choice."
―B.J. on who he saved in both timelines.[src]
"Gum? It's good. Cherry."
"Nah. I'm good, thanks.
―Fergus and B.J.[src]
"Found what you were looking for in the archives?"
"Yup. Got something.
―Wyatt and B.J.[src]
"Like I'm the goddamned errand boy."
―B.J. before giving Anya a letter from Set.[src]
"What do you want, Blazkowicz?"
"Looking for the welder. Have you seen it?"
"No, I don't think so. Oh, wait a minute, no...You're right, you're right. I was meaning to sort out the railing over by the secret fountain entrance. Fucking thing fell out of my hand into the water. A bit busy at the moment, but... You want the welder, you go right on ahead and start swimming.
―Fergus and B.J. on the welder.[src]
"What's up, Captain?"
"Looking for the welder. Have you seen it?"
"Oh, yeah, I...I was attempting to fix the broken railing over by the secret fountain entrance...and I dropped the welder in the water. I haven't gotten around to fishing it out yet. Maybe you could give it a shot?
―Wyatt and B.J. on the welder.[src]
"All that work for a lousy welder. Next time, you go get it, Fergus."
―B.J. after getting the welder and returning to base.[src]
"Long walk for a lousy welder."
―B.J. after returning to the base in Wyatt's Timeline.[src]
"When I was a kid, the Red Tide was rising. Went into the water on account for disobeying my father. Felt like my skin was on fire, like my skin was on fire."
―B.J. recalling his childhood.[src]
"You all clean? Anyone following you?"
"What do you mean no? Yes?
―Fergus and B.J. on him getting followed in the crate train.[src]
"Right on time, Captain! Walk in the park, was it?"
"Okay. Well...I'll just get to work.
―Wyatt and B.J. after stealing a train.[src]
"Some backbone on this here magnificent fucking U-Boat captain. I'll give him that. Took the decryption keys to the nuclear cannon to his grave."
"It won't fire?"
"Well, not the nuclear warheads, no. And here I was pinning the ram a big proper atom bomb down Deathshead's throat."
"So let's find decryption keys."
"Actual physical nuclear decryption keys are not kept on planet earth. They're stored on the Nazi lunar base. U-Boat captains are required to learn them by heart. The Lunar Base is the most secure facility the Nazis have. It's where they do all their top secret research these days."
"What's your point."
"Caroline and Anya are working on it back at HQ.
―Fergus and B.J. diving down the Atlantic Ocean on getting decryption keys.[src]
"Had integrity this guy. The U-Boat captain. Paraded to his death rather than surrender his vessel. Took the decryption keys to the nuclear cannon with him."
"It won't fire?"
"Normal shells, yes, but not the nuclear warheads. Why won't you talk to us Captain U-Boat? Why so dead? With those keys we could just sail right up to Deathshead. Obliterate the whole compound. End him once and for all."
"So...Let's get decryption keys."
"Here's the problem. There are no actual nuclear decryption keys on planet Earth. They're stored at the Nazi lunar base. U-Boat captains must learn them by heart. The lunar base is as secure a facility the Nazis have. It's where they do all their top secret research these days."
"I'll go to the moon. Never been."
"Caroline and Anya are putting together a plan back at HQ.
―Wyatt and B.J. on the decryption keys.[src]
"That's going to Caroline."
―B.J. to Fergus/Wyatt on the Da'at Yichud Power Suit.[src]
"Sweet mother of God. Have you ever seen anything like this? I mean, have you, B.J.?"
"What the fuck did I just do?
"I don't know, Captain. Par for the course, ain't it? Mayhem and destruction, like what you always do. It's just you doing you.
―B.J. and Fergus on destroying the Gibraltar Bridge.[src]
"What the fuck did I just do?"
"We just killed the bridge sir! We just killed the bridge with the big magic metal ball! Oh God! Caroline? We just stopped the train. I'm about to drop off the Captain. He is locked and loaded, good to go!
―B.J. and Wyatt on destroying the bridge.[src]
"Stupid way to die."
―B.J. if he (the player) falls when trying to jump on Fergus/Wyatt's helicopter or fall off the bridge in general.[src]
"There's Deathshead's chief scientist bound for the Moon. Well, I'm coming for you, you Nazi fuckin' spaceman."
―B.J. Blazkowicz[src]
"Well... I'm on the mother fuckin' moon."
―B.J. to Caroline to his staus on the Moon.[src]
"I think I've found something: Ancient Artifacts, highly technological in nature. Parchment, looks like Hebrew. I think the Nazis are trying to reverse engineer all this stuff."
―B.J. on the Nazis using Ancient Artifacts.[src]
"Da'at Yichud Dog-Able-Apostrophe-Able-Tare-Space-Yoke-Item-Charlie-How-Uncle-Dog."
―B.J. on the Da'at Yichud.[src]
―B.J. to himself (and the player) on his return to the London Nautica.[src]
"Son of a..."
―B.J. upon seeing the London Monitor when returning to the Nautica.[src]
"Berlin. Come in, Berlin. What's your status?"
"Getting worse. I don't know how much longer we can stick it out. Place is overrun with Deathshead's men. I think their being led by your old friend, Frau Engel. Deathshead's must have promoted her for her actions at the labor camp. Caroline's with me. We've taken cover in the helicopter hangar. Trapped. There are Nazis fucking everywhere. Where the others are, I don't know. Some are dead. Some are hanging on. It's just a matter of time before they find all of us.
―B.J. and Fergus on Engel's attack at Kreisau HQ.[src]
"Come in, Berlin. What's your status?"
"We're in bad shape, Captain. Hanging on, but don't know for how much longer. Deathshead's men are everywhere. I think your old friend Frau Engel is leading the attack. Deathshead must have promoted her for her actions at the labor camp. Myself and Caroline. We're hiding in the helicopter hangar. Trapped in here. Completely surrounded. Too much chaos. Lost track of the others. They're either dead or they're hiding. They're gonna find all of us. Just a matter of time.
―Wyatt to B.J. on Frau Engel's attack on HQ.[src]
"Not going down. Not yet. Not until she's safe."
―B.J. on Anya.[src]
"We'll get you out of there. We'll go somewhere. I believe there are still places on this earth where people can go. And live happy."
"I believe so too. But not for me and you.
―Anya and B.J. before his final battle with Deathshead.[src]
"Fergus? You in there?"
"Blazkowicz. A nightmare this. Trapped in this damned machine. Got no control of my actions. End this. Please. Let me die."
"I'll see you soon, Fergus. In a better place than this.
―B.J. and Fergus at the end of the battle.[src]
"Wyatt? You in there."
"Captain. I tried. So sorry I shot at you. I have no control over my actions. Cannot live like this. You have to put an end to it."
"Private, it was an honor. To serve by your side.
―B.J. and Wyatt at the end of the battle.[src]
"General. Before the day is done. I will have you at the end of my blade. And force your surrender. Crawled down a hole, General? Won't save you. I'm coming for ya."
―B.J. before his last battle with Deatshead.[src]
"Knife's out, time to die."
―B.J. on his knife.[src]
"Fine. I will gut you standing."
―B.J. to Deathshead before stabbing him.[src]
"A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. With silent lips "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me..."
―B.J. on Anya.[src]
"Blazko? Do you read? Am I clear to fire?"
"You're clear.
―Fergus and B.J. at the end of The New Order[src]
"Can you hear me Captain? Am I clear to fire?"
"You're clear.
―Wyatt and B.J. at the end of The New Order[src]

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Edit

"You take freedom away from the American people, you're playing with fire. And I intend to pour some gasoline!"
―B.J. in the trailer.[src]
"Nice. Should get to work on upgrading my weapons."
―B.J. if he has collected an upgrade kit and has more than one.[src]
"A blessing. To have finished the work I was put on this earth to do. Surrounded by friends that love me. And a great warmth washing over me. I think the sky is on fire. Death at the gates again. Howling my name. Come on in, old buddy. Sorry I made you wait."
―B.J. first words and internal monologue while near-death.[src]
"Mother. Am I acquitted? Was I righteous and just? Good enough to witness the awe of Heaven? Oh no. Mother. I'm going to hell."
―B.J. recalling his childhood experience with his father.[src]
"Who is that? Is that me? Is that me? The old and the weak are doomed."
―B.J. upon seeing his injuries and awaking upon the attack.[src]
"This is our U-boat now, Nazi. You ain't getting it back."
―B.J. fighting against the Nazis.[src]
"Hang on Anya. I'm on my way."
―B.J. reaching the elevator.[src]
"Now, Mr. Blazkowicz. I'm very happy to see you awake...not so happy to see you out of bed."
"Anya. Where is she?"
"Last time I saw her, she was, she was with Caroline defending the sail platform elevator."
"Then point me in that direction, Set."
"Yingele...You know how long you've been in bed? Five months. Your body is broken. You understand? Your kidneys are failing. You might have urinate, to use your schmekcle do many other things."
"No time for this. Just tell me-"
"Frau Engel. She's been hunting you. She's been moving heaven and earth and today she found you. The Nazis breached the U-Boat. Many wounded. Many dead. I was separated from the others."
"I have to go."
"No, no. Hak mir nisht keyn tshaynik, I told you no."
"Set, help me find the...sail platform elevator."
"You are such an oksn. You are such an oksn! Ok, now. There are many Nazis between here and the sail platform elevator. But...I set several traps, I didn't have the time to activate them, but...Look at this. This is a map. For to show you where the traps are. Put them to use on the verkakte faschisten. Okay, okay, be careful. Try not to get killed if you don't mind. Off you go.
―Set and B.J.[src]
"Frau Engel. You're hunting me? Got that backwards, Lady. I'm hunting you."
―B.J. after meeting with Set.[src]
"Back in the saddle, old man, ignore the pain. Find a way to reverse the belt and get up to the sail platform elevator."
―B.J. after the Nazis reverse the belt on him.[src]
"Alright, belt reverse. Up we go."
―B.J. after reversing the belt.[src]
"William, I prayed for you to wake up."
"I'm a burden."
Don't be stupid. Okay. Let's get you up."
"You've gotten so fat."
Set says were having twins.
―B.J. and Anya reunite.[src]
"Looks like I got called out."
"Don't go in there, William."
"They have our people."
"She trapped our vessel, Anya, what can we do? You're right, yingele. You'll have to somehow release our U-Boat once you are up there."
"I can't lose you. Your weak, William. You're in no shape to fight."
"I'll find a way.
―B.J., Anya and Set on saving Fergus/Wyatt and Caroline from Engel.[src]
―B.J. looking at Caroline's body.[src]
"Fergus. Gotta respect a guy who can lose an arm and soldier on like it's nothing."
―B.J. on Fergus losing his arm.[src]
"Keep your shit together, Wyatt. Need you to step up now."
―B.J. on Wyatt losing his ear and Caroline's death.[src]
"Lot of things you can do with a hatchet. And a Nazi."
―B.J. Blazkowicz upon collecting his first hatchet.[src]
"Caroline. You copy? 'Fore you go upstairs. Please watch over our people with I get this done."
―B.J.'s monologue to Caroline.[src]
"Like they taught us back in boot camp. Take out the commanders first."
―B.J. inside the Ausmerzer in the first Commander section.[src]
"ODIN. Automated security system."
―B.J. on the Ausmerzer (says it depending on section).[src]
"That tank looks explosive. Got myself a new exit."
―B.J. detonating the tanks.[src]
"Caroline. I'm hurting. Will you lend me your wings?"
―B.J. to Caroline.[src]
"That's it. Controller bay."
―B.J. reaching to the Ausmerzer's arms.[src]
"Caroline. I released the Eva's Hammer and I'm heading back to our people. I hate to ask. Will you stick I can keep your wings a little longer?"
―B.J. to Caroline after releasing the Eva's Hammer.[src]
"Hold up."
―B.J. to Fergus/Wyatt and Sigrun to collect Caroline's body.[src]
"Yingele, hey. Look to me. Use this. Fergus came to me with some thoughts for improvement. I tinkered with it a little."
"Thanks. I missed the old girl.
―Set Roth and B.J. on the LaserKraftWerk.[src]
"Yingele. Take this. Wyatt came up with a basic concept. The design is not ay ay ay it's experimental, but will be very useful."
"Does this end kill Nazis?"
"Oh, enthusiastically so!
―B.J. and Set on the Dieselkraftwerk.[src]
"Caroline. Don't think I'm gonna make it. Few more weeks, maybe. With your grace."
―B.J. to Caroline when killing the Nazis in Section F.[src]
"Like that. A life. All they've known. All they've felt. All the shit they've gone through. All of it gone. In one moment. Like water. Like it never was."
―B.J.'s monologue at Caroline's wake.[src]
"Set. He knows as well as I do. What I got he can't cure."
―B.J. on his critical injuries.[src]
"No no, no, no, no!"
"What the hell is that thing?"
"This is not a thing Shimshon, this is not a thing. This is...This is the body of a squirrel and the head...of my beloved Siamese cat Shoshana.
―Set and B.J. on Shoshana.[src]
"Ok, I Get it. Spare me the science mumbo jumbo."
―B.J to Set on his ranting of how he replaced the bodies of his Siamese cat.[src]
"How'm I'm gonna tell her I'll be joining you, Caroline? And make her watch as I fade away? Maybe she already knows. Keeps pretending. Like me."
―B.J. on his critical condition and fear of telling Anya.[src]
"Gonna make me chase ya, ain't ya?"
―B.J. to Set's Drone.[src]
"Set's gotta be more careful with his experiments."
―B.J. after destroying the Drone.[src]
"This is a good home for us, Caroline. You always made the right call."
―B.J. to Caroline on the Eva's Hammer.[src]
"You alright, Fergus? How's the arm?"
"Please...Please help me."
"What happened to your face?"
"I think she's trying to kill me, Blazko, that's what. Have you ever drifted off peacefully to sleep...only to be brutally awoken by your own prosthetic arm savagely...gubbing you in the eye? Had to turn her off."
"Is that normal? What Set say?"
"Something about there being a learning curve and what not. How I needed to learn how to trust it. I don't know. I tell you, I don't think I'll be using it to take a piss anytime soon.
―B.J. and Fergus on his arm.[src]
"Maybe it's like training a game dog? You show weakness it'll pounce. What you gotta do is show that thing who's in charge."
"Right, right. You just, eh... stand there and be ready to step in, in case it...looks I'm about to...die.
―B.J. and Fergus on training his arm.[src]
"You, eh...high and tight there, commander?"
"Oh. Yeah...Everything's under control. Right as rain."
"Ok. Helm in five.
―B.J. and Fergus after the arm attacked him.[src]
"You can't give up, Wyatt."
―B.J. to Wyatt in his timeline.[src]
"That boy could play the hell out of the guitar, huh?"
―B.J. to Wyatt on scavenging J's things.[src]
"Will you do it then Blazko? Or have you grown too weak and useless now?"
"Always wanted to see the Big Apple.
―Fergus and B.J. on the mission in Manhattan.[src]
"Guess you'll go on this alone, Cap."
"What else is new?
―Wyatt and B.J. on the mission in Manhattan[src]
"Hey, big friend. You better watch out for the crocodiles."
"Is not New York underground crawling with crocodiles?"
"Wouldn't know. I'm from Texas.
―Bombate and B.J. on crocodiles in New York City.[src]
"Men. Women. Children. Not screaming no more. But I can still here you."
―B.J. when making it to Manhattan.[src]
"Long walk to the State Building. Caroline. Will you help light the way?"
―B.J. entering the train station in Manhattan.[src]
"God damn. Should have listened to Bombate."
―B.J. if he is attacked by the crocodile in Manhattan.[src]
"See is there some way to power up this old train. Ok, train's got power. Let's find the controls and see if it moves."
―B.J. powering up the train.[src]
"Cock. Cock."
―B.J. losing control of the train before launching out.[src]
"Ignore the pain. Ain't dead, so keep moving."
―B.J. after being launched from the train.[src]
"Mama. You showed me postcards. From your family in New York City. Wanted to go there. Just you and me."
―B.J.'s monologue to his mother in New York City.[src]
"Hello big boy. Come to test the old man's mettle?"
―B.J. encountering a Zitadelle for the first time[src]
"Feel like my guts are falling out. Dead man walking."
―B.J. on his condition.[src]
"Your voice, Anya. Every second, a glory."
―B.J. on Anya.[src]
"Just who the fuck are you, white boy?"
"Stay calm. Let me first make it absolutely clear, that I am not a Nazi."
"Wait, what you say? You say you're a Nazi?"
"No no no! I am not a Nazi. I'm not a Nazi okay?"
"Well you ain't a white ass fascist Nazi pig then you either a colored or you're a deviant. Now, you sure as hell ain't colored so you trying to pass as a deviant. He look like a deviant to you, Sister Grace?"
"Hang on, hang on. Now I may not be a deviant, but I..."
"God, I told you! A god damn Nazi."
"Fuck this."
Let me say this again. I ain't. No. God. Damn. Nazi."
"Hey! Now you bring Super Spesh back in and you put him down right now...or I will shove this grenade so far up your ass...I'll be dancing and rejoicing as your entrails trickle down the ceiling. You dig man?"
"Lady...I got precious little time for your bullshit. We've been trying to make contact with your group. We're organizing a revolution in America."
The Kreisau Circle."
"Speshie. Escort this motherfucker inside the House and get him a hot meal. Let me put this pin back in. Shit!"
"Take cover!"
"Relax man. It's just a dud."
"Oh...Bitch got a sick sense of humor. Dude your crushing me...
―Grace Walker and Super Spesh meet B.J. Blazkowicz.[src]
"Monsters did this."
"Not monsters. Men.
―B.J. and Grace on the atrocities committed by the Nazis.[src]
"Come and fucking get me, you...white ass fascist Nazi pigs."
―B.J. to the Nazis at Grace's hideout.[src]
"You gotta set this right, Grace. Put the fighting spirit back in the American people."
―B.J. to Grace on the helicopter ride.[src]
"You take freedom away from the American people, you're playing with fire. And I intend to pour some gasoline! People gotta know they don't have to take this shit no more. And if nothing else that's what I'm gonna do. Before I go."
―B.J. Blazkowicz to Grace Walker on stopping the Nazis.[src]
"Blazkowicz, you know how to swim?"
―Grace and B.J. on getting the nuclear warhead in Section F[src]
"Brave face, old man. Keep away. What she needs you can't provide."
―B.J. if he visits Anya after the mission in Manhattan.[src]
"Your suit. The damp heat. The maddening itch. How did you endure it so gracefully? It's fitted so tight I struggle to breath. Yet inside, Caroline, you've left a vacuum too great to fill."
―B.J.'s monologue to Caroline on the power suit.[src]
"Need to shut down that propeller. Fan? Whatever it is."
―B.J. if he jumps into the water without turning off the fan.[src]
"But your suit, and The Cause, is all that keeps me upright. And Anya. Her voice. Her glory. It buckles me."
―B.J. monologue continued in Section F.[src]
"Can't see shit. Need some light in here. Figures."
―B.J. restoring the power and getting attacked by Super Soldiers Grace warned him about.[src]
"And if you still copy, this is the conclusion I've reached. Whatever happens...she can't know she'll be rearing our babies alone. It's my burden to bear until it's hers. So here's what I'll do. Keep away from her. Let nothing show, Caroline. This dying is making me a liar."
―B.J.'s monologue.[src]
"You need to rest."
"I'll sleep when I'm dead.
―Set and B.J. on his condition.[src]
"I feel like you've been avoiding me. What's wrong? Talk to me."
"Look at me, Anya. I'm the damn Tin Man. How'm I gonna get close to you?"
"I don't care. We'll figure something out. We always do. Hey, why, why won't you at least try?"
"Because I'm fucking dying! And the longer we keep pretending it wont happen the harder its gonna be. I'll be in the ground a week from now."
"You don't know that! What you can see the future now? Don't act like you know things you can't possibly know!
―B.J. and Anya's argument.[src]
"Not being there for you. Not rearing up our kids. That's too much to bear."
"Then don't give up William. Cause I will never, ever give up on you. No matter what. Come with me to the showers, hm? We'll take this thing off. I'll clean you up. You smell."
"I take it off...I'm afraid I'll fall apart and the pieces won't fit back together again. I just gotta keep going. For long as I can.
―B.J. and Anya.[src]
"Well, Caroline. I fucked up and told her. Turns out, the hurt I tried to spear was mine, not hers."
―B.J.'s monologue after telling Anya the truth.[src]
"Grace, why? She's good people."
―B.J. to Grace[src]
"Papa Joe's All American Diner. My kind of dive."
―B.J. upon seeing the diner.[src]
"Super Spesh, lower your weapon before I break your arm and put your lights out."
―B.J. to Super Spesh who questions is he the real B.J. Blazkowicz.[src]
"So, I got a nuke in this here fire extinguisher."
"Okay. Cool it. I did not mean to rile you.
―B.J. and Super Spesh in his secret room in Roswell.[src]
"Caroline, you still copy? You think they can see I'm fading? Without your wings I would fall."
―B.J. in the tunnels.[src]
"Woah. What the hell. They got rocket trains now?"
―B.J. upon entering Area 52.[src]
"Alright, we're on the move. Gotta head up front and grab the controls."
―B.J. starting the train.[src]
"Stick this up your pipe and smoke it."
―B.J. leaving the train.[src]
"Time to get the hell out of dodge."
―B.J. leaving Area 52.[src]
"Yeah...keep running, Nazis."
―B.J. to the Nazi scientist.[src]
"Where y'all going?"
―B.J. to the Nazis leaving the Oberkommando.[src]
"Gun. Keys. Run."
―B.J. to the Nazi soldier after placing the bomb in Area 52.[src]
"Remember you showed me the ring, Mama? For when I met someone special. Well I did. And it'll look right, on her finger."
―B.J. returning to his home.[src]
"Are you out there somewhere, Billie? Inclined to this day. To endure amongst the living?"
―B.J. thinking about Billie.[src]
"I'll be in the grave, rotting away... and still a better daddy than you."
―B.J. on his father when in the basement of his home.[src]
"This place has gone to shit."
"I ain't been down here in nary a decade. I own a two thousand acre ranch up by Forney Lake now. I heard on the radio you'd been sighted up near Roswell. I figured you might show up here."
"Nothing in this house but bad memories."
"So why'd you come? Need a place to hide? You need money? Well, you're barking up the wrong tree, son. Far too late to come begging now."
"Ain't nothing you can offer to make up for what you done to us.
―B.J. and Rip Blazkowicz reunite at home.[src]
"Daddy, I am your son."
―B.J. to his father being held at gunpoint.[src]
"Was a time I was scared of you. Was a time I would piss myself having a gun pointed at my head. You know what I feel right now? Not a God-damned thing."
―B.J. before killing Rip.[src]
"She's here."
―B.J. realizing Frau Engel is coming.[src]
"Why did I come here? I should have run home, to you, Anya."
―B.J. falling in the sky after detaching the Ausmerzer from his home.[src]
"Blazkowicz...Really? Do you want to love and cherish me...til death do us part?"
"Give me it."
"Would you like to kiss the bride now? But not before the wedding. Put him to sleep. I need you to rest now...while I prepare...the ceremony.
―Irene and B.J. at his capture.[src]
"It's all a show. And I'm the guy wearing the black hat."
―B.J. after being revealed to the public to been captured.[src]
"Anya...My family."
―B.J. learning that Engel's men are attacking Anya and his friends.[src]
"Weeks pass. Or more. Feel myself slipping away. Got me praying for the end."
―B.J. after witnessing Super Spesh's death.[src]
―B.J. seeing his mother after killing all the Nazi soldiers in the courthouse.[src]
"I'm having twins, mamma. They're not born yet. I... wanna see them. I wanted you to see them. I miss you."
―B.J. to Zofia in his hallucination.[src]
"The old and the week are doomed."
―B.J. rephrasing his father's words before being beheaded by Engel.[src]
"Anya...My family."
―B.J. seeing Set, Anya, and Fergus/Wyatt after being saved.[src]
"Is this real? Or am I in heaven?
―Anya and B.J. upon awaking in his new body.[src]
"How I look?"
"Like a new man, Yingale, a new man. Oh, look at you, I'm so happy you're back.
―B.J. and Set after getting his new body[src]
"Max Hass! Max! Max Hass!"
"I feel the same way, Max.
―Max Hass and B.J. rejoice his survival.[src]
"Caroline...Thank you. Take back your wings. I don't need them anymore."
―B.J. after getting his new body and practicing with his contraption.[src]
"Should go see if Grace has a job for me. Put this new body to good use."
―B.J. after getting his new body.[src]
"He was a good man."
―B.J. to Grace upon mourning Speshie's death.[src]
"I feel... unstoppable. Like a fucking freight train."
―B.J. to Grace on his super soldier body.[src]
"Alright. Who's next?"
―B.J. after clearing out the first Commander room in the Manhattan Nuclear Bunker.[src]
"Like when I was little. Shooting cans with my BB gun. Except bigger can. Bigger gun."
―B.J. if he destroys the two Panzerhunds.[src]
"The only way forward seems to be through that elevator shaft."
―B.J. going to the elevator.[src]
"The New Orleans dossier Grace wanted. Guess that's my cue. You Nazis born in a barn? You're letting the radiation in!"
―B.J. collecting the dossier.[src]
"Aw, shit."
―B.J. upon seeing the robots upon his and Bombate's return to the Eva's Hammer.[src]
―B.J. if his (the player's) health is low in Manhattan's Nuclear Bunker mission.[src]
"The American Bank. What's a dollar worth these days?"
―B.J. heading to the American Bank.[src]
"The Big Easy. Can't undo your tragedy. But I can punish the people responsible."
―B.J. swimming to a bus in New Orleans.[src]
"Sounds like someone is putting up a fight."
―B.J. hearing Horton and his group fight.[src]
"I've got kids on the way, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna raise in a world run by these Nazi assholes. You Hillbilly...degenerate moonshiners. Bolshevik Cowards. God damned traitors."
―B.J. to Horton while drinking Whiskey.[src]
"Let's see what this puppy can do."
―B.J. controlling the Panzerhund.[src]
"Dog. You've been a good friend. Now you're just too damn big."
―B.J. to the Panzerhund.[src]
"You a Nazi? I can't tell anymore."
―B.J. to Jules Redfield.[src]
"Can't blow my cover. Better keep a low profile. Leave the pretend acting for those so inclined."
―B.J. at the auditions on Venus.[src]
"And you're a Nazi Whore! {...} I will rape and murder you! {...} I will murder your dirty race too!"
―B.J. disguised as Jules Redfield saying lines of Das Ende Alles Bösen to Lady Helene Winter.[src]
"Brace yourself, Adolf. I'm leaving here with your secret ODIN codes. Then we steal the Ausmerzer, take out General Engel...and show the American people what revolution looks like."
―B.J.'s internal monologue after the acting scene.[src]
"Here it is. My ticket down to the surface."
―B.J. getting the Venus Atmospheric Suit.[src]
"Air feels heavy. Brutal heat. Like Texas in August."
―B.J. upon exiting his pod.[src]
"Damn. I'm burning up."
―B.J. when the atmospheric suit oxygen is near gone.[src]
"Time to break into the facility. Find the Oberkommando. Steal the ODIN Codes for General Engel's ship. Slick as a whistle."
―B.J. making his way into the facility.[src]
"You might call this a howling hellscape. But that view is prettier than a pie supper."
―B.J. getting closer to the Oberkommando.[src]
"Déjà vu."
―B.J. during the riding section.[src]
"Welcome to the Oberkommando. Population: shitloads of assholes. You got my ODIN codes, assholes?"
―B.J. upon entering the Oberkommando.[src]
"Welcome to The Oberkommando...Population: Zero."
―B.J. after clearing out the Oberkommando.[src]
"ODIN codes. Where are you? Gotcha."
―B.J. collecting the ODIN codes.[src]
"Damn it, Fergus. Why you always gotta be losing your arm?"
―B.J. trying to find Fergus' arm.[src]
"Look, um, you're talking crazy man. You gotta get with the program, we need you. Come on Wyatt."
―B.J. to Wyatt who is having a nervous breakdown[src]
"Wyatt. Don't ever forget who you are, man. Don't forget who we are. Don't forget who we are, soldier."
―B.J. to Wyatt recovering from his breakdown.[src]
―B.J. at the first code console.[src]
"Can you feel it, General? You are the old and weak. And this is your day of doom."
―B.J. after destroying the Zerstörer's and claiming the Ausmerzer.[src]
―B.J. after seeing Anya kill the Nazis and Panzerhund while pregnant and duel-wielding.[src]
"Feeling it, General? Doom is coming."
―B.J. readying his axe to assassinate Engel.[src]
"This needs to happen up close. For you, Caroline."
―B.J. above the stage.[src]
"Lady... That the best you got? Then your best won't do. You among wolves now. And these are our woods"
―B.J. to Irene Engel before her death.[src]
"If tonight you hold your babies in your arms and swear they'll grow up to be free people then you are one of us."
―B.J. amidst Horton and Grace's speech to the American people.[src]
"Anya. You make me strong ... and weak at the same time. Will you marry me?"
"Oh William.
―B.J. and Anya upon proposal.[src]