Wolf's Lair (aka Mountain Fortress) is a location in Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, and Jaguar/3D0/Mac Family ports of Wolfenstein 3D (home of the Übermutant).


It is one of Hitler's main bunkers.

Beyond Castle WolfensteinEdit

2nd EncounterEdit

After rocking the Nazi War Machine and defeating the forces of Dr. Schabbs (at Castle Erlangen?). However, the Fuehrer's insane plan continued forward unceasingly. B.J. is sent to East Prussia to the infamous Wolf's Lair, Hitler's war room. There, the german General Staff kept all its plans.

Guarding the plans was the Hideous masterpiece of Doctor Schabbs, the Übermutant. it existed only to protect of the interests of the Nazi menace. He was ordered to obtain the plans, for doing so the free world owed B.J. a great debt.

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