German wolf-tank of the 72nd wolf-tank division in Africa.

The wolf-tank is a German battle tank manufactured in General Deathshead's workshop. The wolf-tank is powered by nuclear reactors and is mentioned in Oskar's letter in Deathshead's Compound during chapter 1 of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Despite poor performance in sandy environments, vehicles of the 72nd wolf-tank division were deployed to Tanganyika in south-eastern Africa during the Second World War by Nazi Germany. The engines are vulnerable to sand and dust particles entering through openings in the vehicle's exterior, and will cause the engines to malfunction. Oskar's letter describes them as having exceptional firepower, claiming that "A troop of wolf-tanks can decimate an entire village in the blink of an eye." Many of the exterior armour plates, most notably the lower glacis plate, are sloped almost vertically, a drawback which would undermine the protection offered by such components when impacted by a projectile approaching head-on. The turret features a mount for what appears to be an oversize multi barreled antiaircraft machine gun or auto cannon. It shares many visual features with the PzKpfw III medium tank, such as a similar hull and tracks. The turret's shape roughly resembles that of the Panzer III. In addition, it is of similar size and layout as the aforementioned vehicles. The large secondary weapon mount, however, gives it a large profile, making it easier to spot. The tank seems to have angled side armour to protect the road wheels and tracks. The presence of "wolf-tank divisions" seems to imply that wolf-tanks are deployed either in divisions consisting solely of wolf-tanks and supporting vehicles, similar to the German heavy tank battalions or that wolf-tank divisions are formed around wolf-tanks accompanying auxiliary vehicles but may also include other heavy armour.