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Wolfenstein Super Upgrades was an officially published add-on packs and upgrade for Wolfenstein 3-D published by Appogee.


It included three 'upgrades' to Wolfenstein 3-D base game from Apogee (and CG Technologies). Each could be bought separately or as a complete pack.

These included WolfMaster a mission pack that came with 815 new levels (shovelware from 3rd Party sources, collected or made by Carlton Griffon, and distributed by Apogee), Wolf Creator, a random level generator, and MapEdit level editor for Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and Blake Stone. The full version buying all 3 came with the base game with all six episodes.

WolfMaster is a DOS UI shell, to load it's maps into the Wolfenstein 3D [[engine]], similar to DooM II's Master Levels. It also includes a level generator, called "Wolf Creator", and level editor, called "MapEdit".

Behind the scenes Edit

The add on has been released as freeware and can be found on apogee's website here