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Welcome to the Wolfenstein Wiki, an encyclopedia by, and for, the fans of Wolfenstein, which allows anyone to edit the articles. We're dedicated to everything about the Wolfenstein series, from Wolfenstein 3D all the way through the new Wolfenstein: The New Order. We are creating the ultimate guide to the Wolfenstein series and you can help! Discover, share and add your knowledge!

Game trailer: Wolfenstein: The New Order

The new game has been announced by Bethesda for late 2013!
Wolfenstein The New Order - Announce Trailer01:40

Wolfenstein The New Order - Announce Trailer

Did You Know?

  • ... that there is a hidden Morse code message in one of the music pieces of Wolfenstein 3D?
  • ... that a long series of secret passages in a level of Wolfenstein 3D leads to a hidden message?
  • ... that past 32 map units, a Guard in Wolfenstein 3D cannot hit you with his bullets?
  • ... that the British Officer in Return to Castle Wolfenstein is revealed by game files to be named "Higgs"?
  • ... that the American Officer in the same game is revealed by game files to be named "Murphy"?

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Featured article: Hitscan

Hitscanning is a method of damage calculation in video games. In Wolfenstein 3D, it is used for the Pistol, Machine Gun, and Chain Gun, as well as the bullet-style weapons wielded by the most common enemies.
Shot Keydoor

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