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Obergruppenführer (General) Wolfgang Statz is a character in Wolfenstein. An important member of the SS managing the warehouse of Isenstadt, he owns a lavish residential estate in said city. He is also the supervisor of Obergruppenführer (General) Viktor Zetta.

He is first seen in the game during the third side mission "Warehouse" and he is killed by B.J. during the second side mission "Officer's House". He carries a MP 40 machine gun and has the same health as a regular soldier.


  • He appears to be the same officer seen speaking to Heinrich Himmler at the end of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Thus, he is one of very few characters to be featured in both games.
  • Even if Viktor Zetta sends reports to him about the situation with the paranormal, he is not connected to anything involving the paranormal and its relation to the war effort in Isenstadt whatsoever except serving the Reich to win the war in the typical practical fashion.
  • His first name is seen on the 3rd intel document of the first mission "Train Station".
  • Despite being married, as seen on the 3rd intel of the first mission "Train Station", he has a relationship with a model by passing her off as his assistant. A conversation with two German soldiers can be heard about her during the second side mission "Officer's House": "Hey, did you see that the general's assistant is back?" "Yeah I saw, with a body like that, she can turn heads." "Haha, I think she assists him in more than one way."
  • Since his mistress Brigette is one of the two generic models for prostitutes, it is entirely possible to find two or more of her in the Officer's House.
  • He is the only Nazi to wear a bright-grey officer uniform in Wolfenstein. All other German soldiers wear standard uniforms


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