Wulfburg is a village located near Castle Wolfenstein, and Paderborn.

Return to Castle WolfensteinEdit

Wulfburg makes up the first part of the Dark Secret mission after B.J. Blazkowicz escaped from Castle Wolfenstein. It is where Kessler and Karl Villigut reside. At the town's graveyard is a mausoleum where Helga von Bulow has set up an excavation site.

The Old BloodEdit

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Wulfburg is a fishing village, somewhere near Paderborn Village, that is built on dozens of islands separated by canals. It is located where the Paderborn river flows into the clear and clean waters of the Wulfsee, a big alpine lake southeast of Castle Wolfenstein abutting the Austrian border.

Some say the success of the fisherman, compared to other nearby villages is due to them worshiping some kind of pagan underwater god.

The Wulfburg Tavern appears in the game again, now the headquarters for Helga von Schabbs in the city. There is a safehouse there, where he meets Pippa (Agent Two), whom he hasn't seen in over six months.


The Old Blood Edit


  • The cemetery is much larger (with additional Mausoleums) in the PS2 version.