Wulfburg Church
The Wulfburg Church is a defiled church where the Elite Guard with Helga von Bulow and Zemph were trying to resurrect the Dark Knight, during the events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Zemph was successful in extracting fluids from the corpse.

It is called by local citizens the Defiled Church.

The Church itself has a history dating back 1000 years.

The Old BloodEdit

The Defiled Church makes a return in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

B.J. reaches the ruins of the church after going through the burning Old Town of Wulfburg. It is not much more than a few walls, and a gate, apparently having been bombed during the war.

Lotti Kohl's LetterEdit

Whoever reads this

My name is Lotti Kohl I was imprisoned by Helga Please, contact my father in Wulfburg Name is Robert Kohl Works at the library Tell him Helga is investigating the Defiled Church Please, this is very urgent 

Tell him I love him.

Behind the scenesEdit

In RTCW it is said the entrance to the church was sealed off a long time ago, and the only way to enter it is through the catacombs under Wulfburg's cemetery. Despite this there actually does appear to be above ground entrances to the church, but they are bolted from the inside (which B.J. destroys during his attempt to get out), as well as crumbling masonry dropping BJ into other into a small tomb below the church leading outside of the church..

In the Old Blood however, one of Helga's patients mentions having snuck into the church as a child (apparently through its main entrance), and witnessing something terrible (hands pulling for him, and rotting shambling creatures). However, this description is part of a 'dream' the patient had, and apparently not literal. If it actually had a 'main entrance' it would be contradictory to RTCW in that respect.

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