Xlabs levelshot

The levelshot for X-Labs.

X-Labs is the second part of the Deathshead's Playground mission of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Mission BriefingEdit

There is very little information about the "X-Labs" themselves. Our defecting scientist worked in weapons research, and although he is aware of the existence of the "X-Labs" he has never been there. He has however, informed us that the "X-Labs" do make extensive use of "Tesla" technology to create powerful, guided electrical fields. These are apparently used for everything from security gating to local power generation. It is also rumored that this technology is what drives the nervous systems of what our scientist calls the "X-creatures".

This last statement indicates that you will probably engage more of the "Lopers" that you first encountered at the Secret Weapons Facility, as well as other unknown types of "X-Creatures". You should proceed with caution into any new areas until you can ascertain what it is you are dealing with. Your ultimate mission is to discover exactly what Project "Uber Soldat" (Super Soldier) is and what Deathshead's ultimate plans for the said project are. Be on the lookout for any documentation linking Deathshead's activities with Operation: Resurrection.


  • Locate and procure any documents related to Operation Resurrection.
  • Locate entrance to main "Uber Soldat" gestation area.


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