Dr. Zee in the first level.

Doctor Zee was a scientist amongst the personnel stationed at Castle Wolfenstein.

In the opening of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, he supervised the interrogation of Agent One using torture by electrical current. When this proved fruitless, Doctor Zee ordered an attending guard to bring the other prisoner, agent B.J. Blazkowicz. Zee was washing his hands in a sink when he heard the door behind him open; unknowing it was Blazkowicz, he assumed it was his guard and continued washing, oblivious and vulnerable to knife or gun attack by the player. B.J. should walk slowly while appraching him, or the element of surprise will be lost.

After some time, however, Zee will become annoyed, turn around, and attack the player with a Luger. If this happens, a soldier usually will run to his aid from the next room ("Doctor Zee, is everything alright down here?") and continue the fight making the entire basement of the castle aware that you have escaped from your cell.


Dr. Zee interrogates Agent One.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dr. Z is the file name for a number of scientists found in the game, and one of the Nazi paranormal leaders who may also called "Vin".

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