Professor Zemph

Professor A. Zemph was a scientist on loan to the SS Paranormal Division from the SS Special Projects Division. Unlike his former superior Deathshead, Zemph did believe in the occult enough to try and avoid unleashing supernatural horrors during his work. Unfortunately, his new superior, Helga von Bulow, frustrated him too much with her rash and careless actions.

Zemph isn't seen until the beginning of the church level where he is shown to be conducting the extraction process on the third Dark Knight with von Bulow. He formerly had a journal that he was forced to leave behind in the Wulfburg catacombs which was later retrieved by B.J. Blazkowicz. Blazkowicz's reading of the journal told of how Zemph had bad bronchitis due to the cold weather, and that he was pleased at how close he was to completing the extraction process on the knights. It also told of his resentment of von Bulow's unleashing of the zombies in the crypt.

Following von Bulow to the Tomb of Olaric, Zemph was horrified to learn that Helga planned on acquiring the Dagger of Warding. He desperately tried to warn her that taking the dagger would unleash something far worse than zombies, even going as far as to report her conduct to the SS High Court of Inquiry, Zemph's warning's fell on deaf ears and he was shot in the neck

and killed by Helga.

In a letter from Zemph to Marianna Blavatsky (cl_5_zemhph_blav.txt in \text\EnglishUSA) signature is A. Zemph. Nowhere else his name not specified.
Zemph death body

Zemph death body


  • In the German version of this game, he is known as Professor Schneider.
  • He is the only character currently to oppose his comrades' plans.