Zemph's Journal

Zemph's Journal is a document about Professor Zemph's activities in Operation Resurrection, which may be found during the events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.


March 9, 1943 9pm

What an amazing day this has been. I can still hardly believe it. The remains of the last Dark Knight have finally been discovered. After all these years I feel totally vindicated. What will Strasse and the other skeptics have to say now, I wonder? Otto and I will be joining the advance team at the dig site. We leave tomorrow morning on the first train. With any luck we should be ready to begin the Life Essence Extraction by this time next week. I must remember to pack an extra wool scarf.

March 11, 1943 11pm

Arrived this afternoon. Travelling for two days straight. Everything finally unpacked. Wave-guide on Number 2 Reduction Set damaged in transit. Will have to cannibalize spare. Colder than I expected, even for this time of year.

March 13, 1943 9pm

Conditions here are impossible. Generators are unreliable and decent voltage regulation is non-existent. Two days wasted on constant recalibrations. I hope we can make up the lost time. Going to be close. I feel my Bronchitis acting up.

March 14, 1943 7pm

Very upset with how things are progressing. The work is getting sloppy. Everyone in too much of a rush. Ignoring precautions. Certain corners just cannot be cut. Those old mystics were far too clever for that. Helga is the worst offender of all. And she is supposed to be overseeing us! Doesn't she remember 1939? Does she want another disaster like the Holstein dig? I think this place is affecting her. I know it's affecting me and I don't just mean the weather.

March 16, 1943 5pm

Total disaster! Just as I feared. A premature breech of the outer seal. All Hell has literally broken loose! It's 1939 all over again, maybe even worse. Three team members missing - including Otto. I don't hold out much hope for them. Also, I just heard two spies were captured. Can things possibly get any worse? I feel awful.

March 17, 1943 3pm

Unbelievable! We just barely contain one disaster and now she speaks of going after the "Dagger of Warding". This, of course, means breaking the inner seal beyond the crypt chamber and unleashing God only knows what. This is completely outside the scope of our mission and jeopardizes everything. I plan to make a full report of her conduct to our superiors. Is this woman really a disciple of the great Marianna Blavatsky? Too bad none of the high priestess' wisdom rubbed off on her. We are scheduled to begin in six hours. I'll be happy when it's all over. I think my cold is getting better.