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The Zeppelin as seen from a balcony in Downtown.

The Zeppelin is a massive armoured airship which features in Wolfenstein, and is the setting for the final level in the game.


It is unclear at what point the Zeppelin was constructed, but it is present hovering ominously over Isenstadt throughout the game, directly above Midtown West but visible in all four hub maps. The airship uses Veil technology rather than hydrogen or helium to stay aloft, with giant cylinders of Veil condensate visible inside the envelope. The whole Zeppelin appears to be armoured, and is heavily armed, carrying a series of Flakvierling 38 emplacements on the gondola and a complement of Me 262 fighter jets in an internal launch bay.

Following BJ's successful assault on the Castle, Wilhelm Strasse makes the Zeppelin his base of operations, and both the Thule Portal and the Black Sun-powered doomsday device are present on board. The Nazi devices present at the Castle and Radio Station were both built to channel Black Sun Energy into the Zeppelin to power the super-weapon.


No Gold or Tomes are located inside the Zeppelin since you are not able to access the Blackmarket after reaching this Mission.  There is a total of nine Intel collectables scattered throughout the Level.


  • In real life, Nazi Germany never used airships in combat; due to their vulnerability to anti-air fire. All German airships were grounded at the outbreak of war and dismantled for their valuable steel frames.
  • A piece of Intel found in the bridge reveals that the Zeppelin will attack London after destroying Isenstadt.
  • The Zeppelin might of been commissioned during the earlier years of WWII as it features early type Luftwaffe symbols.
  • If this was constructed in real life during WWII, it would be incredibly difficult to dock a Chase Zeppelin to cargo platforms as seen in the beginning of the level. You would have to have the correct speed, hydrogen levels, and ballast levels. Itas possible, but risky.


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