Zofia Blazkowicz is William J. Blazkowicz's late mother and wife of Rip Blazkowicz who appears in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


Zofia married Rip Blazkowicz and moved to Mesquite, Texas around the 1900s and had a son named William J. Blazkowicz in early March of 1911. Zofia was a housewife while Rip worked at his business, which failed since he married her for her father's investment capital. Rip would take his frustration out on Zofia, William and their dog Bessie. Zofia would protect William from him, teaching him compassion while Rip wasn't home. During one of her husband's business trips to Dallas, she comforted BJ by cooking him soup and showing him her engagement ring as an heirloom.

In 1919-1920, Zofia was still under Rip's cruelty, leading one day for the latter to find B.J. liking a African-American girl named Billie. Zofia hid William and Bessie in the closet, with Rip and Zofia having a heated argument that he didn't know any better. Rip slapped her unconscious while William fought his father, throwing vases until he strangled him unconscious.

Once William was at a right age, he ran away from home and joined the United States Army to escape his abusive life, leaving Zofia heartbroken and alone with her husband. After Nazi Germany defeated and occupied the United States, Rip, along with other like-minded neighbors, exposed Zofia's Jewish heritage alongside African-Americans, homosexuals and minorities to the Nazis. Zofia was sent to New Mexico's extermination camp and killed, unknown to William.

Events of The New ColossusEdit

Despite her death, B.J. took her compassion with him, seeing her as Heaven personified. B.J. cared for his friends and allies despite the horrors of war, not looking at their ethnicity and entitlement. B.J. avenged her death once it was revealed to him by Rip, whom he killed. B.J. had a hallucination/dream of his mother, who told of him that he would see her soon. B.J. also gave Zofia's heirloom to Anya Oliwa, who is pregnant with William's twin-children during the Second American Revolution.


Zofia was loving, caring, gentle and a compassionate woman despite her abusive relationship with her husband. When it came to her son B.J., she showed him love and kindness, protecting him from his father's cruelty. Her love and compassion was passed onto B.J., who showed this to anyone who was an ally or victim of abuse, an example is Sigrun Engel, a young girl who was abused by her mother, Irene.


  • Zofia's name is of Slavic-Polish origin.
  • Though Rip calls her Jewish, there's a possibility that she has heritage by this from Poland.
  • Zofia's voice actress Michelle Forbes also voices Judith Mossman from Half Life 2. Forbes also played Admiral Helena Cain in the sci-fi/action/drama TV series Battlestar Galactica.

Gallery Edit

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